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Healthy ideas for leftover salmon

Well I love pasta, salmon, and cream sauce but we are trying to eat more healthy. I make a Japanese style noodle dish and I can add the salmon but wondering if anyone has any other good ideas for leftover salmon.

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  1. Often when I buy salmon, I only use the "center cut" part of it, and dice up the rest in a sort of seviche - a little rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, chives, sesame oil, etc.

    1. My favorite thing to do with leftover salmon is to make an easy salmon corn chowder. Saute diced carrots, onions, celery, red pepper, new potatoes and corn sliced off the cob (or frozen if fresh is not available). Add a can of evaporated skim milk, season with salt and pepper (I throw in some dill, too), thicken with cornstarch if desired, and slide in the flaked leftover cooked salmon.

      Also tasty is a salmon scramble with chives and baby spinich. Make it an egg-white only scramble if you are leaning towards less fat.

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        Here we are, four years later and I have leftover salmon. Thanks Non Cognomina... I'm going to make chowder.... hmmm, or I might do the salmon scramble. Decisions, decisions...

      2. I make a soup with leftover salmon. I boil water for cellophane noodles, then add the chunks of salmon, (or any fish) in a bowl with fresh spinach, miso soup powder, hot sesame oil, lime juice, and diced ginger. You can add or subtract ingredients like coconut milk, nori, etc. to make this dish your own. Here's my pic:

        1. You could make salmon salad sandwiches with cucumber on rye or whole grain bread, with a honey mustard. Use a thick greek-style yogurt, dill, and some roasted garlic instead of mayo to bind the fish. (With yogurt, though, you have to eat it right away, it tends to separate after a few hours)

          1. I like to use leftover salmon in a rice "salad". Leftover rice, preferrably brown, and definately NOT long-grain (Which is hard when cold), snow peas, or sugar snaps, broken-up salmon, and some vinegrette. I throw on together in the morning, and by lunchtime the flavors are nicely blended. This soy-lemon dressing is perfect for this:


            1. You can make a delicious salmon sandwich if you have a nice, big chunk. Slide it between some good focaccia or ciabatta with a nice aoili or pesto spread. Add fresh spinach, sauted onions, tomato -- or make a salmon club with some bacon and avocado.

              1. Cooking Light had a really good salmon pattie with horseradish sauce that I made last week. I think it was a lb of cooked, flaked salmon (I just threw the salmon in the oven with a little water in the bottom of the pan and baked it until it flaked) a couple Tbls light mayo, some green onions, a little ginger, and an egg white. Pan fry in a non stick pan with a little cooking spray and serve with a sauce of equal parts light mayo, and non fat sour cream (3 tblsp each) with 1 tbsp horseradish. It made four patties, and they were really good, and only about 200 calories each.

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                1. Pretty much everything left over in our house becomes either a taco or a frittata. Here I would go with taco. Actually, we would probably eat it in a wrap with lots of fresh greens, tomato, shredded carrot, and avocado with a squeeze of lime and salt and pepper.

                  1. I love making "tunafish sandwiches" with leftover salmon. Use a little light mayo any other favorite tuna fish sandwich ingredients. My favorite additions are fresh tomatoes, capers, pepper, lemon juice, and dill. If you go easy on all of the ingredients except the salmon you can ensure that the salmon flavor isn't overwhelmed. It's fantastic on crackers or on pumpernickle.

                    1. Over the holidays in December, ended up with quite a bit of leftover cooked orzo and poached salmon. Made a cold salad using fresh basil, chopped green & red peppers (perfect for Xmas time), chopped scallions, chopped cucumbers, grape tomatoes, assortment of olives and mustardy balsamic vinegar dressing.

                      1. I sometimes get an entire filet of salmon from my friend who works for a seafood supplier. I cook half of it and use it in various recipes throughout the week. I blogged about the experience and included a salmon cake recipe that I've made time and time again: http://wp.me/p1Jvc5-ap. I also second the recommendation for salmon chowder. Super simple and a very satisfying. I'd need to know what you mean by healthy (i.e. low calorie, more whole foods) before I could recommend the chowder as a fit for your dietary preferences. Everything in moderation, though. :)