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Jun 28, 2001 05:25 PM

Mamita's Peruvian in Glendale

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Went here for lunch on the recommendation of Counter Intelligence, which has hit rate of about 90% in terms of being on the ball.

I was really looking forward to eating "authentic" Peruvian, to see what kind of influence Okinawan immigrants could have on Latin America cuisine, and after going to Nobu and Matshuhisa.

Well, this place was overpriced ($3.00 for a fried plantain! LOL!) and $9 for entrees that were drenched in ketchup and little else. The food was anything but that, barely edible and mostly slop. My girlfriend (who is from Japan and has tried Peruvian food before) was disgusted and kept making faces the entire time we were there. $40 for lunch slop, I would have rather gone to Yoshinoya bowl, where I can get that gross out feel for $5.

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  1. my parents were born and raised in peru, but we're full blooded japanese.

    we love Mario's Peruvian Seafood on Melrose @ Rossmore!

    they have all the standard Peruvian dishes (lomo saltado, papas a la huacaina, etc.), plus delicious soups starting at $5 for a giant bowl! the sopa sustancia is wonderful and the siete mares is full of fresh crab claws, fish, and mussels.

    this place has zero ambience and the wait staff can be a little slow, but this place is always jam packed and consistently good.

    if you're going for dinner, be sure to go early. they close at 8pm!

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      Juliana Selfridge

      In response to Navin's e-mail, I would like to say that Mamita's is one of the best restaurants in Glendale. I would love to know which meal he ordered that was "drenched in ketchup" since none of them are!

      I happen to be Peruvian and know that this food is authentic and worth every penny. If you're looking for cheap food, which Navin obviously is, then by all means head for Yoshinoya and leave the authentic, delicious cuisine to those of us who actually know and appreciate Peruvian and Latin food.

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        Delaney Price

        As a restaurant reviewer, I must say, Mamita has always been a good dining experience for my friends and myself. I am truly surprised to hear that food arrived drenched in ketchup for the young man who had the horrendous meal at Mamita. I, honestly, have never ordered a dish at Mamita that arrived with ketchup on it. Mamita offers simple food which is usually very tasty. Certainly, there is no atmosphere at the restaurant. That's part of its charm. As for the bill, it isn't really expensive.

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          I like Mamita but I must say as a rule I prefer Mario's in Hollywood.