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Jan 15, 2008 11:05 AM

Far Hills Inn at Val-Morin

My wife and I are spending the weekend at Far Hills skiing at the end of the month.
How is the food at the Inn and are there any great places for lunch in Val-Morin or Val David?

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  1. I wasn't enamoured by the food or service at the Far Hills Inn restaurant last winter. If you are up to drinving to St-Adele, L'Eau a la Bouche is one of the best restaurants in the Laurentiens.

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      Thank you Bonne vivante

      I have eaten at L'Eau a la Bouche and I agree 100%. I would rank her as one of the top chefs in the country. I am looking for something more casual this trip as we will be skiing our hearts out;( probably our legs as well.)

    2. I suspect that most locals -- me, for example -- do day trips. I can vouch for the beauty of the ski trails but haven't eaten at the inn in years. A couple of reports from the last year or so:

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          Au Petit Poucet is great.....except they burned down last year. I understand they were planning to rebuild so you may want to call beforehand.