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malbec and sangiovese

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what are good food pairings for these two wines? i'd like to explore them and have no idea what to cook that will go well with the wines... last thing i want to do is cook something that will completely destroy the taste (which i was unaware was possible until i found this board!).

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  1. The sangiovese grape is native to Tuscany and is the main grape in Chianti & Brunello wines. It would certainly go well with most hearty foods from that area and would go especially well with roasted & grilled meats.

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      Malbec is fantastic with a steak.

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        >> Malbec is fantastic with a steak.

        I fully agree. Malbec is a quintesential 'steak' wine.

    2. Sangiovese is usually medium-bodied and earthy, so it goes great with a variety of different things. I like it with grilled chicken and tomato-based dishes like pastas and pizza.

      Malbec is bigger and more fruity, so it requires bigger flavors, like steak or grilled lamb. I recently had some Malbec with argentine-style beef empanadas and that was really delicious.

      1. Sangiovese in Italian wines is for me an interesting grape. For some reason, I find a lot of Italian Sangiovese a little hard to drink alone. I find them clunky and harsh, the fruits masked by some tough and bitter tannins. (there are of course some exceptions). But pair them with food and they transform into such a pleasureable experience! And I find these wines to be very forgiving. You don't need to find a perfect pairing, anything that goes reasonably well with a red wine seems to make Italian wines bloom. Easiest matches are any Italian food. Regional cuisine with wine, it's like this rule was defined by Italy...

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          I completely agree. I cannot drink sangiovese without food. The tannins, while they tend to soften with air, do no make for a pleasant sipper.