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Jan 15, 2008 11:02 AM

Recos for fun Greek anywhere in NYC? Good for large, loud party of 12?

Any suggestions for a Greek restaurant (anywhere in Manhattan will do) for a large group of girls in mid 20s? Moderate price range. Live music is a plus.

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  1. Don't know if they have live music, but Uncle Nick's in Hell's Kitchen has good food and a very lively atmosphere, with an open kitchen and waiters constantly setting cheese on fire for one of the appetizers.

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      molyvos is always wonderful and can manage a large party easily

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        Ooh, haven't heard that one yet! Thanks!

      2. Avra is highly recommended by a friend from Greece who is a wonderful chef in her own right.

        1. we had our co. holiday party at Pylos, w/a loud group of about 20, they put us in the back, and it worked out well...

          1. Since your title says anywhere in NYC, which the last time I checked includes five boroughs and not just Manhattan as your actual post says, you should at least consider Astoria.

            1. Have had a party at Moylvos - very accomodating - also recently ate at Pylos - loved the food and ambiance!!!