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Jan 15, 2008 10:49 AM

3 Nights at Le Richelieu in French Quarter

It will be our first time in New Orleans. We are arriving on Monday February 18 in the afternoon and leaving Thursday before noon. We will be there for 3 dinners 2 lunches and three breakfasts.

We are staying at the Le Richelieu in the French Quarter and will have a car.

I was thinking of one dinner at Stellas. For breakfast I was thinking we might eat at the Hotel Cafe but I'm open to places near the Hotel.

Any suggestions on places we should eat at or expereince?



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  1. Marty, I think the reason why you haven't seen any responses to your inquiry is because of the large volume of recent "first time in New Orleans" threads. There's also a currently active breakfast discussion. So have a look around the board and I think you'll find answers to most of your questions.

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      Marty, there's a couple of things I can add:
      - Your hotel is the same one that my sister and I stayed at. It's very nice, and the people there are great. They'll treat you very well. It's right in the French Quarter, but it's the last hotel at the end of the street, which is nice, because it's a little quieter than if you'd be right in the middle of things.
      - Paul McCartney stayed there in the '70s. If you're a music or Beatles fan, ask them to show you the rooms they stayed in. If you're lucky, they'll even let you in so you can look around.
      Have fun!

    2. My wife and I love LeRichelieu. Napoleans is just down the street (Chartres). You're practically right behind the Central Gracery (Decator). Really, it's easy to walk the whole Quarter from your hotel.. On my first day, I would walk up to Acme for lunch and stroll back to get a feel for everything. Leave the car, take a United cab to wherever you want to go outside of the Quarter. There's a cab stand right in front of the hotel. Be sure to ask about the big painting in the lobby of the man crossing the river. The building has an interesting history. Be sure to ride the St. Charles street car (gosh, I sound like a travel agent! Sorry)

      1. Just walk up Chartres to St. Philip Street and hit Irene's! Skip breakfast in the hotel cafe, it ain't what it used to be. Walk over to Clover Grill for a cheap greasy fix. Lunch or dinner head over to the Marigny Brasserie just across Esplanade Ave.

        1. I always stay at Le Richelieu when I visit. Great place, but the restaurant hasn't fully recovered from Katrina--limited hours and limited menu.

          If you don't mind a little "gaiety," try Petunia's on St. Louis Street, about twelve blocks from LeRichelieu.

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          1. re: Big Easy

            Thanks for all the input. I was looking at one dinner at Muriels and one dinner at Stella! I'm still undecided as to the other dinner. I would like someplace truly New Orleans and different than the first two (maybe with music if possible) (any recommendations?)

            One lunch at Napoleons and maybe one at the Oak Alley or a place near Oak Alley &/or Laura Plantation (any recommendations?) One Breakfast at the hotel and one at Glover Grille.



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              Wife and I toured both plantations a few years back. Laura Plantation by far the most interesting but it burned down so I don't think there's much to see. Oak Alley neat in that it was the setting for "Interview With the Vampire" movie. I don't recall seeing many places to eat in the area but I'm an out-of-towner and we were on a tour bus, not driving. New Orlean's history is fastinationg - consider a tour.

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                Chowhound has a very narrow mission--where to find deliciousness. General travel planning discussions, like where to stay or what else to do while visiting a town, are off topic for our boards. Please keep your replies focused on helping the poster find great chow, as off topic replies will be removed.

                Thank you.

          2. Marty,

            The breakfasts at the hotel are still as good as ever. Admittedly, they are short of staff, but try the Plantation Frittata with grilled biscuits. Petunias is another good breakfast joint, as is the Clover Grill.

            Cassamentos is also a good suggestion for dinner. The Bon Ton and K-Paul's are also top notch.

            Try Coop's and Liuzza's By The Track for lunch.