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Jan 15, 2008 10:33 AM

Market in Stamford reviewed in NY Times

Here is the link to the NY Times review of Market in Stamford:

It got a "Very Good". Any thoughts?

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  1. I thought the food was good, but prices were really high for the portion size. Although, i did go within the first couple weeks of the opening, so it may have gotten better since and I have heard really good things since I went.

    1. We've been there twice, I've posted about it here someplace. I thought the review was spot on. I'd go back just for the fried rice "risotto"!

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        Thanks for the NY Times tip! I'm trying it tonight, can't wait! I'll find the review- ach, speaking of which, I better make reservations RIGHT now... maybe the Summer St. parking lot was full last night because everyone was at Market!
        I am worried about the prices, so we'll see if my friend and I can keep it under 100 bucks! I just looked at the NY Times review- food sounds amazing and I do not know HOW I am going to decide what to get.
        Link to review is:

        1. re: Stamford Talk

          I love the "school of tuna" app...had it both times I was there, but I'm a sucker for raw tuna! The 'fish and chips" were tasty as well. The baby fried artichokes sound great but I haven't tried them. On the main dish side we've had the swordfish, chatham cod, chicken and duck. All were good, but the chicken was the least favorite. If you like duck, I would definitely have that with the fried rice risotto! Hope you get a reservation...and report back and let us know if you liked it.

          1. re: sibeats

            Well I did NOT get a reservation (actually, a party of 75 SEVENTY-FIVE!) had taken over the dining room, but we easily got a spot at the bar. I got the pomegranate martini, good, but definitely a summer drink.
            My friend and I split two apps: the artichokes w/garlic aioli and school of tuna. Artichokes came cold, we sent them back, owner personally (is that handsome guy w/ short blond hair the owner?) delivered take two. The artichokes tasted like burnt paper (just my opinion) but I could eat that garlic aioli on anything, so touché, artichokes, touché. School of tuna was fine.
            We both loved the duck wrap and that RISOTTO, WOW! I wasn’t sure if one entrée would be enough for two, but it was. I saved a bit of room for the dessert, and the chocolate cake with hazelnut gelato was very good. However, after rereading Brooks’ review, I wish I’d tried the doughnuts!
            The guys beside us got the stuffed cannelloni and the scallops entrees; that’s what I’ll be trying next. Can’t wait to go back. Staff and bartenders were great, and the crowd VERY friendly; maybe the bar-eaters are just a happier bunch!
            BTW sibeats, thank you for the chicken warning; I may have been tempted to get it, but your words sent me toward a more fun-sounding dish!

            1. re: Stamford Talk

              Hey ST, glad you had a good experience. Sounds like they had their hands full with a party of 75...yikes! Isn't that duck and risotto amazing? I could order it every time I go. I haven't had the canneloni, but I've seen it go by and it does look great. Also try the little ice cream cones for dessert...they were lots of fun.