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Jan 15, 2008 10:30 AM

Falafel at Raffi's in Glendale?

I'm thinking of going to Raffi's for the first time. I'm going with a non-meat eater friend, and she loves falafels. Wonder if that's on the menu at Raffi's. Thanks.

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  1. I've only had kabob there and have never noticed falafel. Some vegetarian friendly dishes include the kashk-e-bademjan or borani appetizers (both made with eggplant), the shirazi salad, and the mast-e-mouseer (yogurt with shallots) or mast-e-khiar (yogurt with cucumbers). Your friend could fill herself up with these and bread. I don't know if they have ash-e-reshteh, but that is a thick Persian soup made with many types of green veggies. It's one of my favs, and most Persian restaurants have it on their menus.

    1. Another good place for great falafel and great hummus is Skaf's Grill in Glendale.

      Skaf's Grill
      367 N. Chevy Chase Dr. (near Verdugo)

      1. No falafel at Raffi. They have appetizers and salads that are vegan but no entrees other than the rice. For falafel try Skaf's, as mentioned, or Carousel on Brand. Carousel has a lot of of vegetarian selections.

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          Any fish items on the menu at Raffi? She eats seafood.

          We've been to Carousel and she likes the falafel there. Will seek out Skaf's as well. Thanks.

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            The mahi-mahi at Rafi's is very good.