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mac n'cheese with egg or no egg in the sauce?

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I have been looking for a good mac n'cheese recipe and have tried the egg ones but I seem to always overcook. Any trick to this style? Why the egg?

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  1. Every mac & cheese recipe I've ever made using an egg has turned out terribly. It's curddle-y and has a texture I just can't go for. Growing up, we used a recipe that layered elbow pasta, a cheese (sharp cheddars) and a basic white sauce and it was excellent. I've never found an exact recipe for that one, I'm afraid, but the ones I have found usually involve making a cheese sauce (a white sauce plus cheese melted on the stove) before adding over the pasta - personally haven't liked how it comes out when done like this.

    1. Huh, I've never used an egg. I have to run right now, I'll post a recipe when I come back if nobody else does.

      1. Might want to change it to just egg yolks.

        1. I've never had any luck with mac and cheese that calls for eggs either. It always curdles and looks gross.

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            Me too. The texture is funny, too.

          2. Barefoot Contessa makes a version. Some have opted to replace the bread crumbs with panko. Alas, she does not use egg and her version is creamy and adaptable.


            1. The egg thing is, I think, a southern thing. (The egg is to create a custardy type of texture.) In any case, a fairly famous recipe is Delilah Winder's. I don't know how the recipe compares to the version made in the restaurant, but that stuff is pretty good.


              1. I make my mac and cheese starting with a white sauce. I don't measure unfortunatly, but it's melted butter and then flour in a saucepan, followed up with milk (or even sometimes a bit of cream to be extra indulgent). I cook until thickened, add a dollop or two of yellow or dijon mustard to bring out the cheese flavour, S&P, and a dash or two of hot sauce. I sometimes add season-all or what not if i have that kind of stuff around. I also sometimes throw in a bit of minced dehydrated onion. I then add about half of the cheese I plan to use into the sauce until melted. I mix that in with the cooked pasta, into the casserole dish and mix in remaining chunks of cheese ( i tend to use a LOT of cheese in mine), making sure there's lots on top to finish . Top that with some bread crumbs that were mixed with butter and maybe a bit of old bay or something like that. Bake until it's bubbly and the crumbs are browned.

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                  Ever since I was a child, my mother would make her Mac and Cheese with eggs. Pretty simple she would layer cooked macaroni and grated cheddar in a baking dish. Pour in a milk and egg mixture (with salt and pepper). Then top with more cheese and sliced tomato's and bake. When baked it does setup together and have a custard type of texture.