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Jan 15, 2008 10:14 AM

Pies N Thighs

According to Gothamist, Pies N Thighs, the Williamsburg barbecue hole in the wall, is closing tomorrow. Sadness!

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    1. re: ceasar11

      the article indicates that while they plan on moving, there is no space lined up as of yet. in any case, too bad.

      1. re: ceasar11

        I remember hearing the same thing about OzNots a few years ago and as far as I know they just disappeared.

        1. re: kbeaton

          They already have their new space and believe they also got the liquor license through already as well. Welcome to the new billyburg... it's not the same old slacker restraunteurs any more; )

      2. I have mixed feelings - I hate the space they're currently (the bartender at Rockstar bar once asked me if I wanted ice in my mixed drink!) and the backyard space is pretty gross, not to mention how miserable the "restaurant" space was if more than three customers were in there at a time. But I adore their fried chicken. I hope they move somewhere with slightly more space and ambiance.

        1. pies n thighs effectively ended my quest for good fried chicken in nyc; ate at tons of the usual suspects, but their fried chicken basket basically stopped me (and my heart) in its tracks; very generous portions, amazing food, so rich and really indisputably unhealthy but so good; haven't been back since the summer and, haven't had fried chicken since. that'll be the spot though; wouldn't think of eating anywhere else for my fix (well except maybe clinton st baking co). bless their hearts.

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          1. re: bigjeff

            FYI - Supposedly the PnT's fried chicken guy is making good fried chicken at Egg now.