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Jan 15, 2008 10:06 AM

new place in old Tir Na Nog site

I drove past the old Tir Na Nog in Union Sq the other day, and just barely caught a new "coming soon" type sign out of the corner of my eye. I believe it said "Atlantic restaurant and pub." Anyone know the skinny? Great spot. Loved the Nog and Chapter 11 previously, and it'd be cool to see a successful joint there again.

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    1. I'm still in mourning over the loss of Tir Na Nog's great atmosphere, great music, Guinness and Curry Fries.

      Best of luck to whatever place replaces it.

      1. Anybody know if the Nog in Kenmore Square across from Audoban Circle is still there?

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        1. re: SSqwerty

          Do you mean An Tua Nua, the college bar?

        2. I assume y'all know about the Nog's nights at Toast. The Nog's website is still up and hopeful for a triumphant return, although it is looking a little dusty.

          The owners of the building must be kicking themselves for not renewing the Nog's lease, or whatever was the story. It looked like someone tried to open a bar there at one point, but it lasted maybe a month?

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          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            I believe that the owner of the building had plans to open his own bar when Tir Na Nog's lease ran out... we all know how that plan worked out.

            1. re: ponyboy

              Do you happen to know whether it was just plain incompetence in the failure of the new bar, a community-based lack of interest, or was there something better organized to "boycott" the new place?

              1. re: Bob Dobalina

                I think it was mostly lack of interest, possibly with some mistakes. From what I can remember the food and beer were good. But it was summer when they were trying to get off the ground, and the AC was busted. Also the renovations seemed expensive, and yet left the place with less character than it had before. I wasn't a regular at The Nog, so I don't know if there was any active resistance.

                1. re: nfo

                  The Nog had many passionate patrons that loved the music,food, ambiance,drink,owners,bartender,etc. When they got the shaft the patrons were very affronted. Place of opperations moved over to Toast where there is now a lively scene.

          2. Apparently there was an article in the Herald on March 15th that says there will be a new place "courtesy of Brian Manning and Christopher Fitzsimons, owners of The Spirit Bar in Cambridge’s Porter Square." Anyone know what this is all about?

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            1. re: meaganl

              I heard this from a regular at Spirit a couple of weeks ago. He told me not to tell anyone, but perhaps he told that to everyone he told, including someone from the Herald. ;-b

              Not sure about details (entertainment, food, etc.), but it is definitely happening...

              1. re: hiddenboston

                This week's "Union Square Main Streets" email also mentions it, so I guess it's not such a secret anymore. Is it wrong that I trust a mailing list more than the Herald? It will be called Bull McCabe and may open in April, says the email.

                Email also mentions

                1) Macchu Picchu has opened a second location in its original location;

                2) Sherman Cafe hopes to open a locally-focused convenience store/market adjacent to the cafe (plus longer hours);

                3) The expansion of Taqueria La Mexicana into the adjacent "Irish Eyes" pub is soft opening this weekend. New restaurant = new name (Carolina's Cantina) + sit-down service + a more "upscale" menu (?) + full liquor license. Hooray!

                4) The spot opposite the Neighborhood is under construction and may be a Thai restaurant

                5) Old deli up the street from the neighborhood is now "Jimbo's Seafood."

                1. re: mbtabus69

                  I am surprised that its Machu Picchu investing in the old location as a second restaurant considering the new one hasn't seem to have caught on and I wish something like El Chalan would come in (note that they could do a charcoal rotisserie in that space), but it will be nice to a rotisserie chicken place there and it seems I wasn't dreaming below:

                  1. re: mbtabus69

                    Actually, the Union Square Main Streets site is where I saw the link to the Herald article so it's probably one in the same :)

                    Also, I just passed by Pollos a la Brasa this morning on the bus and saw that the front windows have been cleaned and you can see inside very well. I don't know what Machu Pichu looked like when it was there but the inside of it now looks pretty nice. Is it open yet? And also, are the owners Peruvian? I saw a sticker on the front door that looks like it's from a Cristal aguardiente (Colombian anise-flavored liquor). Just wondering what that was all about...