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Jun 28, 2001 12:04 PM

La Cachette's Still Got It

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Update on La Cachette -- just enjoyed a fabulous dinner in their elegant, beautifully illuminated didning room. The food was outstanding! Service, on the other hand, was rushed, somewhat sloppy, and highly interruptive. For example, they rushed the cleaning up of our dinner plates to tell us our souffle was ready. And in no more than 3 seconds there it was.

Delicious chicken-stuffed morels, vegetable terrine, loup de mer, and chocolate souffle.

All in all, a 9.5.

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  1. We had a somewhat different experience -- the service was slow, but we were in a group of 4 for a birthday dinner and didn't really mind since it gave us time to linger. It took about fifteen minutes after we'd ordered for them to tell us that they were out of the special morel first course, and then instead of asking us to choose something else, they said they'd started it over from scratch! I decided this was cool. And it was a really spectacular dish, worth the wait!, and they brought us champagne to apologize even though we'd shown no outward signs of impatience. Also nice.

    That chocolate souffle is amazing! I was SO impressed! Just delicious. Because of the earlier delays, we were the last ones in the dining room but they were very patient about letting us finish and turned on a little music, so we hardly noticed that the place had emptied out. My boyfriend (he's French) was disappointed not to meet the chef, but I did see him making the rounds earlier in the evening.

    It really was a wonderful experience.