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Jan 15, 2008 09:49 AM

"Guys' Night Out" in Ditmas and points south/southwest--any suggestions?

Howdy. So, a couple friends and I are taking a friend of ours, a proud new papa, out on the town, to provide a fun break from the past two weeks of sleepless nights, etc. (and to give mom a few hours of alone-time with some of her pals.) We'd like to stay, as the subject suggests, in Brooklyn, specifically in Ditmas Park or Midwood or Sheepshead Bay or Brighton Beach, or at least thereabouts.

We're not looking for something particularly debaucherous; it's not like this is a bachelor party or anything. But we're looking for, for lack of a better term, great "guy food"--maybe a steakhouse or something--a place where we can have a really nice (but not crazy expensive, I should note) meal. We're all adventurous eaters, by the way, so I'll happily welcome any and all suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. If you're considering Ditmas Park, I'd say check out The Farm on Adderly. It's supposed to be a killer place, and a friend of mine there used to work the line. He said the food was awesome and if he was cooking it, I know it was good!

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      I'm a guy, and I love The Farm, but it's not guy food. It's carefully prepared, hipster-ish food for small-framed intellectuals. Plus, there's a chance your friend will be confronted with reminder babies of the Park Slope ilk.

      I think Kebabs are a great guy food. Meat on a stick--very, uh, masculine. Anyone have a recommendation for an Armenian or Uzbek restaurant in Sheepshead Bay?

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        Actually now that I think of it, a friend of mine HIGHLY recommends an Uzbek kebab place on Ditmas Ave somewhere between McDonald and Ocean Pkwy. On the south side, I believe. They are sabbath-observant so it's not open Fri night or Saturday until after sundown. I haven't been but I trust his recommendation 100%.

    2. I'd go to Taci's Beyti. Turkish grilled meats and a whole universe of other delicious things. Bring a bottle of raki or vodka and get to work.

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        I'd second the vote for Taci's Beyti. Bring your own bottle of booze and eat and drink your way to happiness.

      2. Thanks to everyone who provided suggestions, all sound delicious (in the case of Farm On Adderley, I'm already a big fan) and I can't wait for future excursions. At the last minute, Papa decided he wanted a more far-flung adventure, so, taking a cue from some other chowhound threads, we ended up going to La Fusta in Elmhurst, where we had a spectacular (and spectacularly fun) meal. I wholeheartedly second the positive reviews La Fusta has garnered, it's very tasty food that's fairly reasonably priced. Highlights: the Mixed Grill, which featured skirt steak, short ribs, sweetbreads, pork sausage, blood sausage, and tripe (for under $20 pp!). Now THAT is a pile of meat worthy of the "guy food" title. Somewhat shockingly, my faves ended up being the tripe and blood sausage; normally I DETEST tripe, but the tripe with which I was previously familiar is the sort of broad, spongy ribbon cut. This type of tripe was totally new to me, a kind of braid of little threads (like a mini-meat challah!) that had a REALLY nice kidney/liver taste, sweet and bitter and tender all at once. (Out of curiosity, anyone know what the name for that kind of tripe is?). The blood sausage too was much more subtle and flavorful than I expected.

        The rest of the meat was great and really enjoyable, but didn't reach "best ever" or "perfect" status: the skirt steak was really lean, which made it really juicy and flavorful but a little bit tough. Same with the short ribs. The regular sausage was good, but just sorta average-good-sausage good. Oh, the sweetbreads were pretty spectacular, super-lean but still soft and tender. The chimichurri was also fantastic, clearly freshly made with a nice quality olive oil, light and packed with garlic power. Based on chowhound recs, we also had the grilled provolone & oregano appetizer (which was fun and tasty but not really more than a plate of melted tasty provolone with dried oregano flakes on top), an order of the skirt steak on its own (the steak platter steak was thicker and juicier than the skirt that came with the mixed grill, and was delicious, but still was a tad tough), and an order of "Milk Jelly Crepes" (really, just crepes stuffed with dulce de leche) for dessert, which were really tasty and a great way to end the meal. Oh, also, the wine list (tho I am FAR from a wine expert) seemed nice and pretty reasonable; we shared a very tasty Argentinian Malbec.

        In short, it was a really fun and delicious meal, and I definitely plan to go back to La Fusta to explore the menu more. And it was ABSOLUTELY perfect for a whiskey-infused, meat-laden guys' night out. Again, thanks for the recs on this post; I can't wait to get around to them too....