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Jan 15, 2008 09:48 AM

best falafel


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  1. Well I'm no expert, but I do like the ones at Zankou a lot. That's where I go when I'm craving one.

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      Zankou's are Ok *if* they're fresh, but they're rarely fresh. Even so, I don't think the flavor is that great. Sunnin isn't the best for falafel either (though they have some other dishes which are pretty good).

      I like Bella Pita in Westwood the best of the places I've been in LA. Also, there's a kosher Israeli place on Pico and Barrington (I think) that's pretty good. Their falafel is fresh and flavorful.

      I got sick of it in college, but Saca's, all the way out in Claremont, is pretty good if you make it out that way.

    2. Amir's in Studio City.

      I've been going there for 20 years or so (both at the current location and the previous one in the food court of the old SO Galleria) and have yet to find someplace that makes them better.

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      1. When I was attending school at Cal State Northridge, I used to go to a place called The Falafel Palace. The falafel sandwich was awesome, but the lamb gyros were beyond awesome. It's located on Reseda Blvd. across from the college.

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        1. don't know about 'best,' but the two i like are:
          shamshiri grill on westwood blvd
          hungry pocket, a little dive across the street from smc on pico.
          if you go to hungry pocket, be sure to get some of their homemade piquante sauce (the best in town), also, they will be happy to serve you whole wheat pita if you prefer it to the white stuff.

          1. I'm partial to Falafel Arax on Santa Monica and Normandie - northwest corner in the little strip mall. Excellent. Also excellent schwarma. A tiny little place.