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Jan 15, 2008 09:34 AM


I was in my local LCBO and I have rediscovered a great new wine from Spain. Sangre de Toro. The wine with the small black bull on it! I think that it retailed for $11.95? Also the Atrium Merlot has a great label and the price has been lowered to $15.15. Both wines are awesome.

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  1. For a sangria, I swear by Sangre de toro.

    1. Another reasonably priced Spanish wine (about $12) is El Burro - Garnacha 2005, whose quality in relation to price is very high. It has a nice structure with long spicy finish that lingers - can't go wrong. The Spanish wines are some of the best values out there, and the quality is improving every year.

      1. Both of the wines you're referring to are from the producer Torres, known for outstanding value. I love their inexpensive white, Vina Sol. Very tasty summertime

        If you find anything from Bodega Nekeas at LCBO, these are likewise great for the price.

        1. Another good el cheapo is Castillo de Almansa, just under $12, a good value red. I like El Burro, as well.

          1. My favourite Spanish wine is Torres - Gran Coronas. It is priced around $18. I'll definitely give some of the ones mentioned here a try.