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Jan 15, 2008 09:21 AM

Yakamoz schwarma - yum!

A big thanks to the hounds who recommended Yakamoz for their chicken schwarma! I just picked up two huge pita sandwiches for lunch for me and my husband and we were both really pleased. The sandwiches are huge and the toppings were all very fresh. Mine had:

- hummous
- hot sauce (loaded with dried chiles!)
- fried eggplant (saucy and delicious)
- taheena
- lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, slivered onions

The amount of chicken was incredibly generous, and the best part for me was that I got there before the lunch crowd and got all the crispy pieces from the outside of the rotisserie stack. I'm a sucker for crispy bits...

There were several other items that I could have put on my sandwich, including pickled veggies, babaganoush and tabbouleh, but I thought I had enough going on. They don't seem to charge extra for any of the toppings, which is great. These huge sandwiches cost $6/each + tax, and I wasn't able to finish mine. Great chowfind, thanks again -- this was not a place I was likely to visit on my own, as it's located in a sad-looking strip plaza along Wilson.

373 Wilson Ave, Toronto, ON M3H1T3, CA

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  1. Happy to hear you liked it, TorontoJo!

    1. Wow, I logged on to make just about the exact same post (minus the fried eggplant). My wife ordered the lamb pita, which was made from scratch and took a while, but which she said was worth the wait, and I got all the crispy bits from the rotisserie as well, it being the slack late-afternoon period. Fantastic find! A bit of tabbouleh in the schwarma worked quite nicely.

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        1. Yakamoz is just west of Bathurst and Wilson. You can see it on the map if you click on the Yakamoz link under Places Mentioned on the top right corner of this screen.

          1. The toppings sound amazing.....How much are the lamb and chicken schwarmas?

            1. re: warlock

              The chicken schwarmas are $5.99. Don't know about the lamb.

              1. re: warlock

                the lamb pita is 5.99 too.

                I tried the chicken schwarma last night, huge portions but mine had a bit too much hummous for my liking, almost overpowered my pita The hot sauce was great though!

            2. could this fried eggplant perhaps be similar to the eggplant at las falafel in paris?

              forget the falafel, the winner there was the eggplant!

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              1. re: pinstripeprincess

                Never had fried eggplant in Paris! But the fried eggplant here was big chunks of soft eggplant in a savoury, tomato-y sauce. Not sure what the spices were, but they were very nice. The overall texture was similar to a chunky ratatouille.

                1. re: TorontoJo

                  i'm in search of something sans sauce, but that still sounds delicious!

                  1. re: pinstripeprincess

                    Tabule's fried eggplant doesn't have sauce, just a little lemon and garlic, IIRC.

              2. I just went there today for the first time with my mum. We opted for a take-out... we ordered two chicken shwarma pitas (both of ours had hummous, hot sauce, tabouleh, red beets, and lots of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers), 6 falafels, a small side of hummus with tahini, and another two small sides of fried eggplants and coleslaw. I found our shawarmas semi-undercooked and dry and above all, they were LUKEWARM! as well as pitas. I was expecting piping hot, or at the very least warm, but lukewarm? unacceptable! the veggies were good though, seemed pretty fresh. Falafels were a little on the dry side as well... I actually remember reading somewhere that the falafels here suck and I can kind of understand that now. The fried eggplants were good but not enough to make up... although I can't quite grasp how the sauce is anything but Iranian (someone told me this was Iranian place with Israeli influence), let alone middle eastern? Coleslaw was another quasi-saviour of the night but, unfortunately, hummus and tahini were bland at best. It's a real pity because I was expecting it to be yet another genuine CH hidden gem but, almost-cold-semi-undercooked-or-dry chicken shwarma? Nooooo wayyyy hose! No second for me, thanks.


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                1. re: satoorisme

                  I went here before too and also was underwhelmed

                  Actually, it tasted EXACTLY like Me-Va-Me , if anyone has ever tried it...

                  Not bad but definitely not worth travelling for

                  I also enjoyed the cole slaw there

                  1. re: duckdown

                    Like many modest-level eateries, Yakamoz blows hot and cold and then hot again. Agreed, it should in theory be consistent every time out, but such is life on the margins of the restaurant biz.. A lot depends on the time of day and who's putting together the shawarma for you. Lunch time is best, especially when the guy I take to be the owner is putting it together. My experiences there have been mostly good, though not always - can't recommend turning up at 3 p.m., when the A-Team is at rest from the lunch time rush. It helps to be proactive, mentioning why you were disappointed with the sandwich the last time you were there, even if you were never there before in your life. Be polite and maybe they'll rise to the occasion, sensing that even if they don't recognize you, they don't want to alienate a regular customer. If you like garlic and/or hot sauce, let them know and they should accommodate you, though try not to breathe on anybody the rest of the day. I find, as others have, that the toppings are usually fresh and tasty, and always order ALL of them to be stuffed into the sandwich. Also, I never do takeout there, preferring to inhale it immediately at one of the few tables on the premises, the better to correct any deficiences in the sandwich - like lukewarm temperatures - that I may uncover.

                    I find places at that price level, to which I've been before and found satisfying, deserve two or even three kicks at the can before I give up on them - unlike a high-priced joint, where they only get one kick. Yakamoz ordinarily does a good shawarma - though it has been a couple of months since I've been there, and that's enough time for a small place to go downhill for any number of reasons. Though why anyone would give a workout to its falafels is beyond me. After all, one of the city's best falafel spots, Tov Li, is almost around the corner on Bathurst Street. Shawarmas ONLY at Yakamoz is my motto, though I wouldn't travel across the city to get there. It's good if you're in the neighborhood around the right time - I've had a good shawarma at dinner as well - and if they won't improve their product when you politely complain, well, you can trot directly across the street to Bagel World, where the service staff is anything but charming but at least the bagels are good.

                    1. re: juno

                      I live in the burbs and I normally don't even travel to this part of town, but I think I'll give Yakamoz another shot if I happen to be in the area during the day. I'm gonna have to give Bagel World a pass...but, what about Haymishe nearby? Are their stuff including bagels worth the drive?

                      1. re: satoorisme

                        has anyone been to Yakamoz recently? how is it? do they have garlic sauce? i'm hoping to make the trip up from downtown but wondering if i should direct my efforts elsewhere in search of tasty shawarma.

                        1. re: deabot

                          They don't have garlic sauce that I know of. It's close and convenient for me, so I go regularly, but I'm not sure it's worth a special trip. Have you tried the shawarma at Milo's in the Toronto Life building yet?

                          1. re: TorontoJo

                            yup i'm a big proponent of milo's on the board it's delicious and close by! but i've been intrigued by the positive posts for yakamoz esp the fried eggplant.

                            1. re: deabot

                              Gotcha. I love the eggplant, it's what makes the sandwich for me. Ask for a bit extra, otherwise it's not quite enough for my taste (they don't charge for the extra toppings, which is nice).

                              ETA: also make sure you get lots of cole slaw! And I was just reading juno's post above and it looks like they have garlic sauce on request. I've never asked, so wasn't aware of it.