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Jan 15, 2008 09:18 AM


I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but after over 20 years in Arizona I've never eaten at Tarbell's. That's about to change; I'm going this weekend with some friends for a celebratory dinner.

Any dishes on the menu that I shouldn't miss?

Would love to hear from all you Tarbell's fans, and I know there are many.

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  1. There was a flurry of comments on this board after Tarbell appeared on Iron Chef; you might enjoy reading the earlier threads:

    I had his Iron Chef meal there a few months ago, and liked most of it.

    1. I love Tarbell's, it's our spot for a nice evening out. The last time we were there he had made the Iron Chef menu as a tasting menu but too many people complained that they only wanted certain items from the Iron Chef menu so they may have already changed it. If you can, try the pork chop from the Iron Chef menu, both steaks on the menu are wonderful and the macaroni & cheese (side dish) is amazing. Also they did let us have the carmel & chocolate dipped apples for dessert from the Iron Chef menu, small but great. Enjoy it is definitely our favorite place, great meal casual fun setting.

      1. I love the marscapone cheesecake with rosemary caramel sauce. Also loved the grilled lettuces, but they are off the menu now.

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          I forgot about the cheesecake, it is amazing. I also had the scallops with I believe apple tamale, very good. We did a dinner for 10 in December and all the food looked great. I have to try the Scotch Beef (spelling) It's gourmet comfort food

        2. We had dinner there right before Christmas, and the Iron Chef items were available ala carte. The pork chop is so good.

          1. I judge a restuarant by their bleu cheese dressing, haha, and their's is AMAZING! A treasure in the valley, I can't remeber what I ordered last time as it was a special- something light and with shrimp! The bite of roasted chicken I had was divine.