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Jun 28, 2001 02:51 AM

Does Ruth's Chris Steakhouse...

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...have the best steaks in the land?
If not, who do you nominate?


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  1. I wholeheartily agree.. I LOVE their porterhouse for two....

    Another one of my other favorites is the Star Canyon in the Venetian in Vegas. Their T-bone is absoultely mouth watering....spicy, but its perfect.

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    1. re: Belafkih

      I have eaten at all of the local steakhouses on multiple occasions and I really think that Ruths' Chris is the best overall, with the Grill running a close second.

      The big four are RCs, The Palm, The Grill and Arnie Morton's. They're all fundamentally chain corporate type restaurants, although The Grill has the most cachet because of its power-lunching agent/old Hollywood movie star dinner clientele.

      The Palm has the most atmosphere but the worst food in my opinion. Arnie Morton's is quite good but not as reliable as Ruth's Chris. I love the atmosphere at the Grill but the service is a bit snide at times.

      We have found Ruth's Chris to be the most reliable in terms of food, service (always polite and professional) and the most apt to follow special requests precisely.

      The wine list at Ruth's Chris is boring but no worse than any of the other steakhouses. Basically, at any of these places you're going to pay a 500% mark-up for a very common or obvious bottle of wine. A total rip-off. So either stick to martinis or bring your own and pay the corkage.

      1. re: Jeff Falls

        In other words, go to Taylor's.

        1. re: 2chez mike

          Having recently been to Taylor's I can say that I love the atmosphere, the service, and the price. But the steaks can't be compared to the quality at RC. It really depends on what sort of an evening out you are looking for. But sometimes you just have to pay the going rate for great beef.

          1. re: Mike Kilgore

            You're absolutely right, Mike. You'll never get an aged, prime steak(yummy) at Taylor's. But how about if instead of bringing your own bottle of wine, you brought your own aged, prime steak. What would a fair grilling fee be?

            1. re: 2chez mike
              Mike Kilgore

              When it comes to that point you will find me standing in front of my bbq, glass of fine red wine in hand, uncorked without any additional charge, enjoying the most basic, primitive right of suburban man, to char prime mastadon over an open fire while the women folk congregate in the cave, er, house.

    2. If I am going out for a high end steak I go to RC. My one gripe is that I have to let the steak cool off some before eating it or I can't taste it for the sizzle from that 1800 degree grilling they give it. I almost always have their rib eye, which for me has the most flavor. I also am a big fan of potatoes lyonnaise. I have not been to Arnie Morton's yet. Does anyone who has been to both have an opinion?