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Jan 15, 2008 09:13 AM

Greensboro, NC in May '08 - food "drought"?

Newbie to Greensboro, NC area. Visiting late May '08. Has the drought put a damper on chow choices? Will be hitting back roads in the area. Willing to drive for great hound food. cue, red eye, farm food, etc. Into VA if necessary. Outdoor dining/secluded spots/recommendations welcome.

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  1. still got enough water for chow. It has not put a damper on the food available at local farms yet nor have the costs increased notably. I'm not that familiar with many out of the way spots in gso. For cue hit lexington. Only meat + 3 type place I am familiar with in gso in stephanies on randleman but I am pretty sure the sysco food truck makes frequent visits. H ow far are you willing to travel and in what direction. I have a few of many places(like hillbilly hideaway) but have been to fewer

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      willing to travel any direction. will be basing near GSO and spoking out on day trips from there. have been to outer banks, asheville, biltmore, etc. in the past, so more interested in exploring new territory. thanks for yer help.

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        The best BBQ in NC (IMHO) is Allen and Son, between Chapel Hill and Hillsborough, about an hour from G'boro. If you are really interested in 'Q, you should check itout, and also make a trip to Lexington to try some of the many places there. Also near Chapel Hill is a place called Ye Olde Country Kitchen. I haven't been yet, but other posters on this board say its a great "meat n' three" type place.

    2. Must hit Chateau Morrisette Winery--1.5hours from g-boro. Great Food and Wine
      Lexington #2, Short Sugars in Browns Summit, for BBQ

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        Has Short Sugars opened a location in Browns Summit?

        To the OP - if you want to eat at Chateau Morrisette, check and make sure they are open before you head up there...their days of operation are somewhat limited. Personally, I don't think their wine is very good, but I've never eaten there. If you do visit CM, there is another winery nearby called Villa Appalachia that is definitely worth checking out.

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          I live in Browns Summit, there is definitely no Short Sugar's here, as a matter of fact there are no restaurants at all in BS, plenty of cows and chickens though.

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            Short Sugar's has stores in Reidsville and Danville, VA.

        2. I'm an hour or so East of Greensboro. At this point the drought is apparent on dining out just in places providing water on request & some usage of disposable cups,utensils at places which normally would not use them. Winter rain is still very short of what is needed to get out of the drought. Consequently, some area CSA's are not accepting full season subscriptions since they are worried they might not be able to provide much during the heat of the summer. This might be becoming an actuality by May & decrease the amount of local produce. Also, hay is sky-high in price - will probably affect beef production. To date I have not heard much negatives about poultry & pork, but I am not as much in the loop as I used to be!

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            you must be in Durham. The drought has not gotten that bad in the triad. Gso typically has water problems but is much less severe than Durham and other triangle cities. you don't have to ask for water and no resties are using disposable cutlery if they were not before. Winston rarely has a a shortage of drinking water.

            Not sure about the impact on Triad CSA's. I don't think you have yet had a noticeable trickle down to restaurant menus