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Jan 15, 2008 08:45 AM

Turkey Grill, Detroit: Anyone Know It?

Turkey Grille is a hole-in-the-wall among Detroit holes-in-the-walls, on the east side of Woodward about a block north of Euclid (I think). There's a mural/sign on one of the walls advertising "Cajun Fried Turkey." And a sign near the entrance offering a very cheap turkey breakfast. It's one of those places I've seen a million times but have never tried.

So, my fellow metro Day-Twah'ers: who's ventured inside and sampled the fare? Is 2008 the year I need to muster my courage and give it a shot?

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  1. Sampled the fare at one of the downtown festivals, where they often have a booth. Really good--had a big smoked turkey wing and some sides. Rock-bottom prices. I haven't been in there, but the restaurant often is discussed on Detroit boards, and I think it gets some lunch business from New Center and attracts a varied clientele.

    1. Get inside...I used to get the Cajun fried turkey drum stick with french fries. Served with a side of "michigan cream sauce" sort of a zip sauce. nice people work there. It's good..try it.

      1. Go to the Turky Grill. The place is great, cheap food. I like the wings. It's in a scary location and not the fastest food.