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Jan 15, 2008 08:38 AM

Decent place to grab dinner and a beer near Grand Central.....

Any ideas? Like a PJ Clarke's but not totally over run......

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  1. Maybe St Andrew's would work?

    1. beer bar

      or any of the 538 irish pubs nearby like annie moore's..

      1. I love Sakagura on 43rd between 2nd/3rd. For lack of a better explanation, it's like a Japanese tapas bar. They have lots of sake, but also have a decent selection of beer as well. It's also kind of covert, you enter an office building and go down the basement stairs. The black cod is a must try!

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          1. re: Shirley

            I live in that area (unfortunately) and Sakagura is hands-down the best thing around. LOVE that place!