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Jan 15, 2008 08:31 AM

Montreal's Top Ten Restaurants

I would like to know how much in agreement folks are with Lesley Chesterman's "Fine Dining Top 10" list that appeared in the Gazette Dec 22:

Restaurant Le Saint-Christophe,
Nuances (in the Montreal Casino
Liverpool House
Le Duel
Kitchen Galerie

I enjoy reading her colum and I am sure these are good places, but I am curious if you folks were to make your top ten list what restaurants would be on it.

It seems from the posts that I have read that Club Chasse et Peche and Au Pied Du Cochon would be somwhere on the lists.

Thanks for your input.
Ps. Hope that this question has not been done to death.

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  1. Well, it's always in the eye of the beholder, or in that case, the mouth of the beholder.

    IMO, Duel, Kitchen Galerie and Liverpool House are the (still) new kids in the list, will need to wait at least 6 more months to know if they hold their own.

    As for the list itself, why not, they are all good restaurants, what makes Bronte better than Club Chasse et Peche for example ? it's highly subjective.

    1. Well, I believe her list is based on the restos she's reviewed during the year. In any case, goodness knows that APDC and CCeP receive constant raves. In fact, a few weeks ago I once again read a glowing APDC recco for a tourist, and I really wondered, "Is there any dining dilemma that APDC cannot answer?"

        1. I've been to le Toque and it was awesome. Especially the part where we were lost and my wife went in a shop across the street and asked for le turkey and the shop keeper couldn't stop laughing! LOL
          We also really enjoyed Queue de Cheval (sp?). How can you not love a place with a freakin mongo grill and custom stem ware. Steaks were incredible.

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          1. Taste really is subjective. I can't imagine putting together a top ten list of Montreal restaurants and leaving CCeP off!

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              Amen. Though the criteria is restaurants she reviewed in 2007. Still, do people agree that Liverpool House and Kitchen Galerie are fine dining establishments?

              1. re: rcianci

                Personally, not a fan of Liverpool House but I know I am in the minority here. It just doesn't wow me.

                Lemeac wowed me.