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Jan 15, 2008 08:19 AM

The best list of wedding cake bakeries in LA?

I have seen all the posts regarding where to get the best wedding cake in LA. In the next few months I am coming in from out of town and have 2 days to make the rounds. So far the list consists of Rosebud, Fantasy Frosting, Cake Divas, Dream Cakes by Lynette, Takes the Cake, and maybe Sweet Lady Jane. I have seen many posts regarding SLJ but I still don't know if I want to chance it. Also, in my search I called Bee's Knee's and the recorded voicemail stated they are no longer in business. I want under $1000 and amazing looking and tasting. Does anyone have info regarding Dream Cakes by Lynette or Fantasy Frosting? Those are the two places I have limited information on.

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  1. I would highly suggest Layers in Sherman Oaks. People are still talking about how good my wedding cake was, and that was over a year ago!

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      I 2nd Layers. But it really depends on where the wedding is. You don't want to spend a lot of money having the cake delivered. Better to spend the money on the cake.

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        I will third Layers-
        Layers Cake Design Studio
        (818) 784-3918
        13944 Ventura Blvd
        Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

        they do gorgeous and delicious cakes!!!!
        I have had many birthday cakes done by Layers and been to at least 4 wedding she has done...pumpkin, banana, spice cake are my faves

      2. under $1000 to feed how many people? Most of the places you're looking at are $8 a slice, so budget accordingly.

        I used King's Hawaiian. Under $400 to feed 150 guests. People raved about how fluffy and delicious it was, but the bakery does not do any kind of fancy decoration. Luckily I just wanted a plain cake decorated with fresh flowers (from my florist).

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          We are thinking the total will be around 90-100 people. I only came at the figure of $1000 or under based on some per slice quotes I've received for a very plain cake. I know everyone says it, but I really do want it to look like a piece of art, similar to some East Coast cakes I've seen from NYC or Baltimore on TV.

        2. I can tell you that Fantasy Frostings is probably the best bet for a truly delicious cake ( and beautiful too!). They are a little out of the way but totally worth the drive. They did my Son's cake this last summer and everybody raved about it. I have friends that had their Wedding cake and their childrens wedding cake done by them. I understand they are moving to the Pasadena area this year but contact Leslie (she is the daughter of the original owner, all family run) 562.941.6266 they are located @ 10050 Mills Avenue, Whittier but they were doing everything by appointment. Definently make it part of your stop while your here. Best of luck to you

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            Thank you for the information. We had considered them from recommendations from my mom and our florist. However, when we looked at the website to pick sample flavors, they seem a bit off the beaten path. I thought we should get something mainstream as far as flavors go to satisfy so many people. I think some of the flavors sound OK but I was worried that they may be "too out there" for the masses. For your son's cake did you pick one of the combinations from the website or were they able to do something different?

          2. Layers
            Cakes By Eidie
            Viktor Benes
            NOT Sweet Lady Jane (it ain't worth the attitude!)
            Regal bakery
            A Sweet Design (Canoga Park)
            Dream Cakes by Lynette
            Goldilocks (really!)
            Jin Patisserie
            Helena Wirth Cake Design

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              Porto's did my wedding cake. It was beautiful and delicious.

            2. Alsace Lorraine

              Absolutely gorgeous wedding cakes and delicious too. They have the best tasting fillings and frostings, and the cake is very moist. Reasonable also... you can make an appointment for a tasting plus they have a lot of binders with pics.

              Alsace-Lorraine Pastries
              3842 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA