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Rotisserie Chicken in NYC

I'm searching specifically for good rotisserie chicken in Manhattan - not grilled, not BBQ, not fried - just plain, simple, tasty rotisserie chicken. Preferably with a good side of fries. Any suggestions?

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  1. Try L'Express on Park Ave South.

    1. The Peruvian restaurant Pardo's on 7th Ave. South makes a very good rotisserie chicken.

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        Pardo's has gone down big time! It used to be a good bird, now whatever they're buying is kind of rubbery and weird textured.

      2. Doesn't get any better than Pio Pio with a side of yuca frita!

        Several locations.


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            Thirded. Pio Pio hands down. I haven't even heard of Pardo's or El Malecon but I'll bet anyone $1000 that Pio Pio is better. It's that good.

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              Agreed. Although I've only been to the UWS branch, which is said to be not as good as the other branches, still the chicken really stood out. And cheap!

            2. el malecon (wahi, uws, bronx) is always solid - makes my mouth water thinking about it . . .www.maleconrestaurants.com

              1. pio pio for sure.

                picnic - 102rd and broadway or so makes a great one.

                i know some people aren't fans, but i still like citarella's.

                1. I agree with all of the above suggestions, but add Fairway-Latin Chicken. It is quite good for a supermarket rotisserie chicken and its cheap for a take home option.

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                    I do like the fairway latin, but find it on the dry side more often than not.

                    1. re: harrison

                      I agree, Fairway Latin chicken is ok but usually dry. The hands-down best rotisserie chicken I have found is at Costco. Unbelievable, huh?

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                      Fairway was the first that came to my mind too! It's by far my favorite rotisserie chicken, but I do like mine dry to begin with. The Latin is dryer then the other variaties, like the Herb, so there are other "flavors" which are moister.

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                        The dryness has to do with how long the chicken has been sitting in the warmer tray. I've had both dry and moist chickens from Fairway. If you can catch one straight off the rotissiere, it is quite good and as I said--cheap!

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                          i agree. i think they just let the latin spin a little longer to get the skin nice and dark.

                    3. Casa Adela might be worth trying. I have only had their PR style baccalau.

                      1. The little touted Cafe du Soleil on the UWS has a very nice rendition, I think. And a great side of fries.

                        1. El Malecon is indeed one of the standards by which all rotisserie chicken is set in NYC. If you walk up Broadway towards 175th you can smell the chicken's roasting starting from about half a block away. It's an all night Latin joint, and if you pass by at night there are cop cars double parked in front of the spot, you'd think there'd been some kind of fracas, and then you realize it's just the cops stopping in for dinner. I think they do have fries, but you'd be better off with rice and beans. Finish up with cafe con leche.

                          That said, I do really like the rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods in Union Square. Always juicy and fresh. And hugely convenient.

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                            Had a chicken from the Bx Malecon the other day with a side of maduros (I like maduros with just about anything!). Moist, flavorful, and totally satisfying.

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                              I sometimes stop at Mambi on Broadway in WaHi after work and JUST get a side of maduros. Love love love. (Who am I kidding, for $3 I usually get a Cuban as well.)

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                                La Economica across the street is world's better. Malecon's chicken is good, but they give that sauce because it's sort of lacking on its own. La Economica's requires no sauce at all.

                            2. For takeout downtown, I enjoy the ones at the Jefferson Market. Very tasty. No fries there though.

                              1. My fav is le gamin on west houston. they have a couple other locations, but that's the only one i've been too so i can't vouch for the others.

                                1. For a take-home option, I really recommend Fischer Bros & Leslie, on 72nd st between Broadway and West End. This kosher butcher has a fantastic rotisserie chicken

                                  1. Don't knock it until you've tried it --- There are two Boston Markets in Manhattan, one on 10th ave between 57th and 58th and one on 23rd and 8th. Their chicken is suprisingly good - super moist and tasty. I don't know about fries, but they have plenty of other sides and it's super cheap.

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                                      I actually stop by the one on 23rd after work occasionally, and the thing I don't like about Boston Market is that the chickens themselves aren't of very good quality. They use the super large, factory farm raised chickens and you can tell by the mealy, stringy quality of the meat. The seasonings are good, though, and I love the sides.

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                                        My Dagastinos has the best rot. chicken. People wait around the store til they come out hot. Yum.

                                        Another good place to get them for takeout is Citarella

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                                          It's really a matter of luck to get one hot at Citarella on 6th Ave. They are almost invariably cold. I do like the herbal seasoning on them, but for the neighborhood, Jefferson Market still rules the roost. Roost! See what I did there?

                                    2. I also love the chicken at El Malecon. Make sure you get some green sauce, which is a delicious mixture of lime and garlic. I've never had fries there but the tostones are pretty great.

                                      1. Malecon on 175th and Broadway, but the real gold is further north on B'way in the Bronx: La Economica. It's across from the Malecon in the Bronx.