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Jan 15, 2008 08:05 AM

Vegas trip with the boys recs

Hello fellow chowhounders!

I am a 23-year-old NYC transplant, heading to vegas this weekend with three of my friends. We are currently slated to have dinner at Bouchon on Thursday, Lotus of Siam on Friday and a splurge steak dinner at Craftsteak on Saturday.

I have a pretty decent idea of what to order at LoS and figure you cant really go too wrong with steak at Craftsteak. But if there are any can't-miss sides or other items, i'd love to hear them.

I've doen some research on Bouchon and am having trouble finding some go-to items to pick for dinner. Everyone says the food is great, especially the salads, but what about the main courses??? I'd rather not break the bank (keep it under $50 a person not including drinks).

Would love to hear recommendations. Steak frites?

Thanks alot!!

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  1. At Craftsteak, if you are a mushroom fan then do not miss the Hen of the Woods mushrooms. They are incredible. Also their Kobe tartare appetizer is delightful. I know it's steak and then steak, but oh well!

    At Bouchon, both the roast chicken and the trout amandine have been good, as far as main courses go. You might also try the boudin noir, although I haven't, but it looks good.

    Don't forget to have the sticky rice dessert at LOS, you will dream about it afterwards!

    1. I'd recommend N9NE Steakhouse at The Palms over Craftsteak. The food is terrific and the atmosphere is even better, particularly on a busy night.

      1. Loved the Veal breast and the Chicken at Bouchon and I am always a sucker for good oinion soup and i loved theirs. Got to say I disagree about N9ne comment, although I think its solid -- I think Craft is a whole lot better (however I am annoyed they took the cheesey polenta off their menu). and I am always weary of places that the lighting is so dark I could hardly see my food like at N9ne

        1. the food at bouchon is tasty but i was a bit underwhelmed. probably because i was expecting too much. i've had the steak frites - the frites are good and the steak had some kind of onion relish or something like that on it.. which was good but not jaw-droppingly awesome. it was a company dinner and everyone ordered different dishes but not one dish really stood out. if i went back, i'd probably order the steak frites again even though i wasn't amazed by it.

          what WAS amazing was their fruits de mer menu. it's pricier but i think if you order a dozen mussels or oysters (which would be within your budget, i think), it will be the freshest most delicious appetizer. that was the most memorable part of the dinner when the server brought out that gigantic fruits de mer platter..