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Jan 15, 2008 08:02 AM

Aunt Kizzy 2007

I see there have been a number of threads on Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch in Marina Del Rey. I had heard about this place (outside of this list) for years, and *finally* ate there last Friday (a bit late, as I've been living in Venice for a year now).

Well, it was quite disappointing. The first disappointment was to discover that although it was dinner time, the food was sitting in steam chaffing trays, and served less than 5 minutes after it was ordered. So, it tasted more like a Vegas buffet than a real restaurant.

I had the pork chops, with cornbread stuffing, okra and corn, and collard greens and the wife had the chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes, and collard greens. Of the lot, the collard greens were the best dish. Everything else was really kind of bland. My pork chops were dry (despite all the gravy) and a bit tough (plus not very hot). The okra and corn was artificially sweet (tasted of canned tomatoes in heavy syrup). The dumplings were pretty good, and the corn muffins were all right. We had yellow cake for dessert, but it was basically a box cake, and dry as if it had been out for a day or two.

The hostess (Aunt Kizzy?) was very, very friendly and seemed genuinely happy to see every customer who came in. That was nice, and starkly contrasted the surly waitress we had.

Over all, I was disappointed, and cannot say I will return or recommend. You can get collards just as good, and much better okra (and BBQ for that matter) at Baby Blues BBQ in Venice. And although its been a while, I remember getting better soul food at Soul Folks on Traction in downtown LA.

- Craig

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  1. Aunt Kizzy's dishes are very hit or miss which is why I only go there on Sundays for their brunch buffet. They offer a lot of their entrees and sides from the dinner menu as well as the standard breakfast items and a few desserts. They do have some great dishes like the collard greens and biscuits and ribs and stuffing, so this way you just try a bunch of things and figure out what you like. If you get a dry prok chop, no prob, you just go up and get something else.

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      I've only gone twice and both times it was for Sunday brunch. I think that's probably the best time to go since you can try a little bit of everything and go back for more of what you like. I think I went back in line for the smothered pork chops several times each visit and always remembered leaving Aunt Kizzy's full.

    2. I have been to Aunt Kizzy's twice. Both times it was not just bad, but inedible. The first time was about 6 or 7 years ago. My husband wanted to try it last year, so I thought maybe I just had a bad first experience there, or that maybe they had improved since then. We went at dinner time and the place was empty except for a couple at the table next to us (she was wearing dirty pink fuzzy slippers and gobbling down her dinner- her taste level was right in line with Aunt Kizzy's!). Right next to us. I guess the server (who also sat us) didn't want to walk too far! We each had a couple bites of what we ordered, but after dinner we stopped at In-n-Out because we were still starving!

      1. I haven't been in years...kind of forgot about the place and i only live 2 miles away. I did like their Sunday buffett...what I usually order was their meatloaf with red sauce on top, along with their mac and cheese and another side. The mac and cheese was really good with some Red Rooster or Lousiana hot sauce on top...but then again....Baby Blue's version is much better.

        This was probably their best thing that I liked there...the other stuff not so much (fried chicken or smothered pork chops). The sunday brunch is worth to experience the variety of southern foods once or twice.

        1. I've never had Aunt Kizzy's before but have heard lots about it. Used to do lunches at Flossie's in Torrance which they advertise as being from the original Aunt Kizzy's. They do give you a lot of food but the service stinks. Probably the main reason why we've never been back. The servers made us feel that it was our privilege to eat there and showed a lot of attitude. The food was good but prices started to get pretty expensive for lunches.