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Seeking your counsel...private party in Minneapolis

I joined Chowhound in order to get some advice on where to host a 30th birthday party. It's for me. I get to turn 30.

Now, I just need to determine where.

I'm considering Brit's, but they're terrible about getting back to people and list no rates on their site. Their "Long Room" looks cool. Anyone been there/done that and know the rate?

If you have any other ideas, I'd love them!

Probably 50-60 people
Not too hip/trendy, would prefer more laid back
Good beer
Music can't be too loud, at least not until late-night-- I have a few older relatives that will want to come and don't hear all that well

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  1. I understand that the Local would probably better suit your needs for this. Similar, but mellower vibe than Brit's, better food, private room, same neigborhood.


    The Local
    931 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55402

    1. i believe that the bulldog ne rents out their back bar area for parties, might be a nice size, w good beer, for your party

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        I second the back room @ NE Bulldog. Great beer, good food, fewer pricks than the Local or Brit's. Darts, TV's, shuffleboard.

      2. Town Hall is great for birthday parties. You can rent out the back room area with the lounge chairs, TVs, Pool Table, etc. Depending on how many people you have, I think, they give you more area back there, so like tables from the back dining area. The food is okay, but the beer is phenomenal. It is not loud and it is super chill.

        1. Mill City Cafe & Cocktails in NE Minneapolis. I had a party there a while ago and it was great. They have a smallish cafe that is closed at night except for private parties so it would be all yours and they have tons of free parking which is nicer than downtown. They have surly (a local brewery) on tap and a full bar. They are very flexible about the food options. Everything we had was excellent. I suggest the crab cakes- top notch!

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            Wow! Sounds great! Do you mind sharing the rate for the room rental?

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              Checked the Mill City Cafe out this weekend. Is a great space, but small. Also, the email rate that I received from the manager was different from the rate I was quoted in person by her by quite a few $$$. ???

              Since I'm looking for laid-back and drama-free, the bait-and-switch was a sign to me that this was not my place.

              Will definitely be back to eat, though.

          2. Nye's Polonnaise has a few private areas, and while the food is so-so, the atmosphere is perfect for a cross-generational group.

            1. Mai Village. Not terrifically adventurous, but lovely atmosphere, room that is separate, good prices for parties (they would probably get creative for you if you asked) and delicious food in quantity.

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                Ngon Bistro says on their website they can do private parties up to 100. www.ngonbistro.com I don't know anyone who has tried to have a party there, but I'd be more inclined to give Ngon--which has great chow and a lovely, airy, atmosphere-- a chance than go to Mai Village, whose chow is average at best. They do have a lovely indoor koi pond at Mai Village... They have a decent wine and beer menu, too.


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                  Oh, and if you decide you want to go Asian, Jun Bo handles groups quite easily--they are open until later in the evening, and have full bar service. I prefer the chow at Ngon, but I'm just throwing out alternatives.

                  P.S. Happy Birthday. It only gets better from here. :).


                2. re: Haricotsv2

                  Thanks, I do love Mai Village-- not a terribly convenient location, but you're right, the place is delicious.

                  Not sure if I could please 40-50 with Vietnamese.

                3. I organized a bachelorette party at the Local. Went really well. More like 15 people, but seems like the staff are used to handling crowds.