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Long Island City or Sunnyside wedding reception venue?

I'm also looking for a reception site, ideally with food service on site, rather than catering. I looked at places in Long Island City/Sunnyside. Any suggestions for interesting city locations in Queens?

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  1. Sidetracks at 45-05 Queens Blvd. Visit and see if they can handle a Wedding Reception. They have 3 Sit Down Menus and very reasonable. Have dinner and see if you like the food and atmosphere. I've had several very good meals. www.sidetracksny.com/partymenu.html

    1. LIC try Water front crab house

      1. The Water's Edge. A very nice view, food was good and they have a free ferry from the 34th street heliport/ferry terminal during dinner hours.

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        1. Look into Riverview. On the water and so cozy.

          1. Definitely check out the Foundry, right under the bridge in LIC. Gorgeous interiors, views. Although I think you have to bring in your own caterer. www.thefoundry.info

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              Thanks--the Foundry is great but they think so too: $6,500 for a few hours just for the space.

            2. A few years ago we had considered Water's Edge, and they were very reasonable, even compared to other wedding venues.

              Sidetracks isn't really a "wedding reception" place.

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                Thanks for the Water's Edge suggestion. I'll check it out. I live near Sidetracks, and I agree, not really for a wedding and not our style.

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                  I found this place too: The Metropolitan Building

                  I've lived and/or worked in LIC my whole life and never heard of it, not even when trying to plan an LIC area wedding! I'm very curious now.

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                    Curious! I'll check it out and let you know . . . Thanks.

              2. Sorry all: I should have said that I know where we would like to eat (Quaint in Sunnyside), but I'm looking for a place for dancing/drinks afterwards. There will only be 50 or so of us. If we can't find this, we may just look for places on the Hudson.

                1. Check out Astoria World Manor. Nice place. http://www.awm-ny.com/