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Jan 15, 2008 07:28 AM

Best Chinese delivery - Annex?

Can anyone recommend a decent Chinese restaurant that will deliver? We can get good Thai and sushi delivered, and good Indian down the block from us for takeout, but can't seem to find any Chinese that delivers. Any recommendations?

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  1. We've had a similar dilemma in the Annex. So close to Chinatown and yet nobody seems to deliver! We did order once (Oscar night) from Bamboo Buddha (416) 504-9311, which is on King, west of Bathurst. Not knowing anything about this place, we found the food surprisingly good, and MSG free. I look forward to hearing from others though.

    1. I second this request. How can this area have such a lack of Chinese food? Saigon Gourmet is decent though (Dupont/Christie)

      1. Hi,
        I used to be in this area (Christie/Bloor) and my favourite part about living there was that Spadina Garden will deliver. Oh, I miss those spicy peanut wontons... Try giving them a call to see if they will go to your specific location. I also recommend the cashew chicken with Peking sauce.

        And have some wontons for me!

        Spadina Garden - 114 Dundas St W, 416-977-3413

        1. Great post, I'm at Spadina / Dupont and we normally drive to chinatown to pick up when we have the craving. Would love to know of a good delivery place in the hood.

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            New Ho King delivers till 5 am weekends.

          2. Mixed reviews on this board, but I'm a fan of China Garden at Bloor and Avenue--they deliver. No menus on the web, though.