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Jun 27, 2001 03:49 PM

Good Clam Chowder?

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I've been in the mood for some good clam chowder (New England). I recently came back from boston and i'm missing the chowder from legal sea foods :-(

So, anyone know of any good "fresh" clam chowder that doesn't taste like it came from a can?

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  1. The chowders at Los Alamitos Fish Company (Los Alamitos Bl. and Katella, just east of the 605) are terrific. I also like the red chowder at King's on Pine Ave. in Long Beach. It has lots of good seafood in it.

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      If you want a very elegant, but expensive (~$9) interpretation of clam chowder, try Water Grill's. The chowder is very smooth and velvety and it's studded with disks of fingerling or baby creamer potatoes. Then a few clam still in its shell, and heaped with a mound of chopped chives.

      It's really really good, but I don't know about that price. Personally, I go for more heartier clam chowders, with lots of potato cubes, perhaps some celery, and clams I can really see.

      One place I know has a chowder like this is, unfortunately, in Seattle at Pike's Market. If anyone has other places that are more local, please post!

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        Tucks Point in Ventura Harbor has the best clam chowder and fried clams in Southern Cal.

    2. Philippes The Original(the french dip sandwich place) on Alameda in Chinatown. And also Gladstones. Philippes is cheaper.