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Jan 15, 2008 07:13 AM

Brunch in DC

I was wondering if someone could recommend a great weekend brunch place in DC. Ideally I would like to stay in the Dupont/Adams Morgan area. Atmosphere can be sacrificed, just as long as the food is excellent.

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  1. There are a ton of threads on this if you use the search this board feature. There are even some current ones on the page you could check out.

    Just to start there are lots more.

    1. The Sunday brunch at the rooftop terrace restaurant at the Kennedy Center is quite good, in my opinion . . . expensive . . . $40-$50 per person incl. tip . . . but good. I view it as a special occasion place. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet with all the standards you'd expect to find at brunch, plus a very good cheese section, a raw bar . . . unlimited oysters on the half-shell, etc., a charcuterie section . . . a dessert room. I was there on Sunday for a friend's birthday and our group of 11 had a great time.

      1. I would recommend checking out the other threads.

        But in terms of the area you will be in I would recommend Dupont Grille, Tabard Inn, or Bourbon (in Adams Morgan).

        1. I like the brunch, the dim sum brunch, at Cafe Atlantico. Lot of fun.

          Colorado Kitchen is good, too. And Poste does a surprisingly good job, I think.