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Jan 15, 2008 06:57 AM

A Nice Lunch in Cambridge for Out-of-Towners

Friends are coming to Boston and want to have a late lunch on Sunday in Cambridge, something "Bostony" (but not ridiculously expensive) near Harvard. The boyfriend does not eat Thai or Indian or anything spicy. Any suggestions?

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  1. Henrietta's Table has one of the best lunches in Cambridge

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      1. re: joebelt

        I've heard that's a really nice place, but isn't it quite expensive? How much does the average entree cost?

        1. re: marycjoyce

          Like many expensive restaurants, they're more reasonable at lunch. However, they don't serve lunch on Sundays, only brunch, 10am to 3pm. The brunch menu, with prices, is at the very bottom of the page here:

          1. re: marycjoyce

            Here is a link to the Sunday brunch menu (served until 3pm) at Upstairs on the Sq.

            In general, I think most places have more "brunch" than lunch on Sunday afternoon - and most stop serving ~2 or 3pm. For example, I think Henrietta's Table does a Sunday brunch buffet rather than their normal lunch (and although I have not been, my understanding is that the buffet is nice, but expensive at Henrietta's Table).

          2. re: cambridgeMike

            sorry. i didn't see that the lunch was for sunday. henrietta's table is ridiculously expensive for sunday brunch. reasonable for weekday lunches.

            1. re: cambridgeMike

              Lunch on Sun. in general is in short supply altho most places have lunch items on their brunch menus. You might consider the Blue Room brunch which is around $22 and has lots of lunch things and is very good (and popular). Some place casual like Miracle of Science would work but not what I call "nice". East Coast Grill has a fun brunch. Grafton St. is right in Harvard Sq. and has a decent brunch and plelnty of room. Altho this Sun. with the Pats on TV, it'll be busy everywhere I assume.

          3. I would suggest Harvest. It is right in the Harvard Sq. area and has very good food and a nice atmosphere. They only serve a "bar menu" after 2:30PM but it has a nice selection of light lunches in a reasonable price range. I had their hamburger just last weekend and it was really delicious. We also like their version of a Caesar Salad too.

            1. I had lunch a ZSquare last weekend right in the square. Not pricey at all, Very Hahvard-y, lots of students. Definitely nothing fancy but the food was outstanding. There's a take out counter upstairs but lots of seating downstairs in the dining room. The service was remarkably good, I expected less but was pleasantly surprised.

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              1. re: cvr1973

                In my opinion, ZSquare is not worth the trip.

                If you want something with some real character, try Bartley's Burgers, also in Harvard Square. Sure, it's burgers - but they're pretty good and the place is fairly colorful and has a lot of history.

                If you know anyone who is a Harvard faculty, staff, or alum, see if they can help you get into the Harvard Faculty Club for their brunch buffet. It is _outstanding_, very classy, fantastic food.

                1. re: cvr1973

                  I had the most gawd-awful experience at Z-Square yesterday that I considered emailing the owner. I took a few breaths and decided to spare the poor server whose head and attitude were up his butt!!!! Rude, rude and full of 'tude! Luckily my delicious and FANTASTIC scallop dinner (hubby had the Giannone chicken) at the bar at Blue Room last night saved the day. But I digress; this was my very first time in Z-Square and I doubt I will go back.

                2. Grendel's Den in Harvard Square - good food and an institution in the square.

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                  1. re: taxi

                    Institution, yes. Good food, questionable. I miss the days of their giant salad bar.

                  2. The Plough & Stars may not be as fancy as you're thinking, but lord knows it's Cambridgey. They do Sunday brunch. Anybody been lately?

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                    1. re: Aromatherapy

                      We were there about a month or six weeks ago for brunch and had boring dry omelets.

                      1. re: DavisSquare

                        I was going to suggest the Plough too, though I should take my own advice as I haven't been in ages. Garden at the Cellar serves lunch also, I'm pretty sure, and probably feels a bit more civilized than the Plough.

                        Harvest is a good idea too, though. It's certainly Cambridge-y. Or how about Casablanca? They have brunch till 2:30.

                        1. re: BostonCookieMonster

                          Though I haven't been there myself yet, Garden at the Cellar was the first place I thought of, too. Sadly, they're closed on Sundays AND Mondays.

                          1. re: Allstonian

                            Actually, Garden at the Cellar is now open on Sundays. They have a small plates/tapas style menu all day. I haven't been on a Sunday myself, but their food is typically great.

                            1. re: izzyeats

                              My bad - they clearly need to update their website (which is currently announcing events LAST JULY...)

                              1. re: Allstonian

                                I agree. The website needs major updating.

                              2. re: izzyeats

                                If so about Sunday, someone ought to tell them to update their website. Concur on yumminess of food.

                        2. re: Aromatherapy

                          Oooooh - twice on one thread - three cheers for The Plough - we were last there about a month ago - November maybe - for the Cooley whiskey tasting. We had a full meal while we were there and it was OVER THE TOP delicious. For apps we had the pan seared scallops with apple/jicama salad and cayenne/lime dressing - nice kick - scallops seared to perfection - and for my entree I had roasted pork loin with cheddar/leek grits, bourbon syrup, and sautéed greens. SOoooooooo good!!! I think hubby had Shepherd's Pie which was a special that night. I did not eat a lot of it because I was greedily lording over my pork and grits - but I do remember it being great. I love this menu and on Sunday they have Brendan's special fried chicken - which has devotees from far and wide - it is already legendary in Camberville!