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Jun 26, 2001 09:15 PM

LAT's "Restaurant News" & Carafe

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Does anyone else read this page, in Thursday's Calendar section? I find some useful info here; mostly the scoop on fixed price/special dinners.

As I haven't been to Carafe, formerly Chardonnay, and have yet to read any 'hound testimonials I thought this - from June 21st's LAT "Restaurant News" - might interest some of you....

Menu Action: Sunday through Thursday, Carafe (the French restaurant formerly known as Le Chardonnay) offers a three-course menu for $15: soup or salad, a choice of bratwurst, roasted pork loin, Cornish game hen, beef Bourguignon, veal cannelloni, grilled salmon, rabbit fricassee or mussels with fries, followed by bread pudding, profiteroles or apple tart. Carafe, 8284 Melrose Ave., L.A.; (323) 655-8880


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  1. I look forward to, and read it, religiously. Sad fact is, it's the only news reporting about L.A. restaurants outside of Chowhound.

    All of which is not to say that the L.A. Times isn't a grave disapointment in it's restaurant coverage and reporting. I find it particularly vexing that they put their reviews in the magazine section. Apart from it being their weakest link generally, they also have no reviews whenever there's a holiday or they have chosen to reduce their already feckless magazine to some ad whore for a particular seasonal promotion.