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Jan 15, 2008 06:20 AM

40th birthday in NYC or lower Westchester

Looking to gather a group of about 15 to celebrate my sister's 40th. Guests would be coming from Shelton, CT, Manalapan, NJ, Nyack, NY and lower Westchester, so I thought NYC or lower Westchester would be most convenient (birthday girl is in Scarsdale). I am in Boston though, so please let me if you think there is a better location...

Of course good food is priority but I would also like a lively/fun place. As far as price, I guess mid range? maybe to the expensive side would be OK if there is entertainment. For cuisine I am thinking Portuguese, Spanish, Brazilian, Italian, Mediterranean and modern American. Seafood or steak would be OK too.

Please help, as I am not in the area and have no clue where to go but would love to surprise my sister with a great birthday!

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  1. conerye, I would want X20 in Yonkers or Pinocchio's in Eastchester or Sunset Grille in White Plains if it were my birthday, but that is only considering food and drink.

    Entertainment? Not sure on that.

    I have read that Zitoune in Mamaroneck (food is EXcellent) has belly dancing on weekends and the Cajun place in Mount Vernon used to have music, but I'm drawing a blank on others. No doubt you will get many responses to help out.

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      thanks dolores, I am going to try to have a friend check those out for me. Do you know if there is somewhere online where I can find menus or descriptions of these places?

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        conerye, here are the ones I found: -- ask for chef Greg, he is most accommodating. (the Cajun rest. I mentioned


        I can't find a website for Pinocchio, but here is the number - (914) 337-0044. Ask for Tarcisio, he is also most accommodating.


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          Bayou is really small so I don't know how they would really be able to accomodate a party of 15 comfortably. Also in Mount Vernon is Samba Na Brasa 914-668-1112 which is one of those Brazilian BBQ places. They have an extensive salad bar and bring meat around on skewers. It is actually pretty nice inside and they did have music when we were there on a weekend last winter. Now according to my MIL they were not as nice as the ones in NYC but less expensive at around $28 pp for the food. Drinks and dessert were extra. I also like Galitos near the Mount Vernon East train station the side room is nice for parties but you would need a reservation for a group that size. There was a recent post about them on the board.

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            I have been to Galitos and love the food. I can comment on the Bayou now having eaten there. Yes, it is kind of a fun place to hang out but the entertainment is usually cover bands (i.e anything from Beatles to Guns and Roses). I had the stuffed pork chop and did not think it was awful...however, the same thing at a place like Delta Grill in Hell's Kitchen was better. I thought the gravy tasted like it was from a mix. The Collard Greens were obviously canned which is a no no for places that bill themselves as Cajun. I think it is also kind of expensive, but the portion size was huge. I would rather get less and be charged less for better food.

            1. re: jcmods

              Off topic, but the only thing we order at the Bayou is the po-boys. My mom and dad love the fried oyster one. I eat the shrimp and the pulled pork is not bad also. Ask for extra remoulade sauce. Drink one of the beers on tap.

              1. re: rolise

                I will take that under advisement since I live practically around the corner from the place (and am not averse to a Beatles Cover band within stumbling distance of home). Only reason I didn't eat there until a few weeks ago is that I was put off by the prices. I mean, $18 for Red Beans and Rice!?!

                I am not expecting the most authentic N'awlins food because it just doesn't exist outside of New Orleans, but c'mon!

                And it is hard to screw up Pulled Pork unless you slather it with that Sickeningly sweet Supermarket BBQ Sauce.

      2. re: dolores

        I second Dolores' rec of X2O, not sure if they can get you in for 15. Also, theres another great Italian trendy restaurant down there, I forgot the name of it, but they serve zeppoli for dessert out of a brown paper bag, nice fun trendy environment and have seem them throw a nice birthday party there too

        1. re: RawTunaFan

          RawTunaFan, I think that's Zuppa. A couple of foodie friends just mentioned how good the place is.

          1. re: dolores

            Yeah that was it -- while its not Mario Batali, is sure was good! Great atmosphere!

      3. I'd try Blue Smoke, a fun, somewhat upscale, barbecue place in Manhattan. It's a big place that handles large parties well and is pretty reasonable price-wise (by NYC standards). After dinner, their is a jazz club called "Jazz Standard" in the basement. Here's a link:

        1. Thanks to everyone for all of your suggestions. After wieghing all the options for a while, I did end up deciding to go to NYC for this party. I had originally decided on X2O but they were not able to accomodate us; apparently they need quite a bit of notice for a Saturday night... The party is this coming Saturday at Guantanamera. I'll probably post something on the Manahttan board afterwards in case anyone is interested.