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Jun 26, 2001 07:37 PM

the House

  • j

Does anyone have an opinion on this place? My birthday is next week and I'm thinking of going there because I've heard good things-- really fresh ingredients, creative cooking..., but I'm also open to suggestions. Thanks a bunch!!

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  1. This place has already been the subject of numerous postings over the last month and before. Why not look around before posting this kind of request?

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    1. re: Bob Brooks

      I actually did a search off the main board for the house and after a few pages of brew houses and tea houses with no specific mention of the house restaurant, I thought I'd just ask. Excuse me if this upsets you, and I'm not a dude.

      1. re: Jenji

        Try entering "the house on melrose" without the quote marks. Also, I like to do a search on google, to see what that turns up.

        Finally, they have their own web site at

        1. re: Mike Kilgore

          Jenj --

          Fancy seeing you here. I like the house a lot. They're very nice people, the food is fun and tasty, and the setting is very comfortable.

          The wine list isn't spectacular, but it's certainly reasonably priced. Check out their website before you go (and make sure that if they're doing a prix fixe menu that you like the options).

          Happy Birthday!



        2. re: Jenji

          My apologies. In re-reading my post, I realize it did appear to be a bit shrill. Certainly, it was not my intention to scold.

      2. Jenji--

        Welcome, and happy birthday!

        To clarify Bob's remarks....there's nothing wrong with soliciting new opinions about a place; there's no reason each restaurant should be discussed once only.

        But, to explain his slightly testy reaction, we've got a LOT of great info here on all sorts of subjects, including the House, and it's kind of standard Internet procedure to give a glance to recent discussion before framing a new query (for example, we've had over 40 people show up and ask what happened to Bonomo Turkish Taffy...we get 'em every week like clockwork, and, each time, the regulars emit a collective groan!).

        But no big deal, we're glad to have you, and we're not inflicting some aggravating research burden on you....there's amazing stuff to read, you'll see! And if you have follow-up questions of any kind (even really specific niggling stuff), please feel free to let us know. We love "specific" and "niggling".


        1. I had lunch there last week. It was quite good, though I was not as crazy about their Macaroni and Cheese as many people seem to be. I imagine at night it would be a very lovely setting. For fresh ingredients, I dont think you can beat The Parkway Grill in Pasadena or Lucques. The Water Grill Downtown is also wonderful, if you like fresh fish and seafood. I have not been to Chadwick, but it has received many excellent reviews and I know, like The Parkway Grill, they grow many of their vegetables and greens.