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Jan 15, 2008 05:28 AM

What's the proper way to travel in flight with a knife kit?

I've spend the last 10 years of my life in the united states studying and working. in about 8 month or so I might make the permanent move back home. I've got a knife roll with all the tools i intend to keep. however i've never travel with one of these on a plane before. Soo.... my question is, can a knife roll filled with knifes and kitchen tools be part of the checked in lugage on a plane? is doing this legal? how do other cooks travel with their knives when the job require them to hit the road?

thanks for all comments in advance.

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  1. according to tsa's site, there is no problem with a knife kit in checked baggage (since you can check properly sheathed sabers and swords!).

    obviously, it ain't gonna happen with carry-on.

    1. no prob in checked luggage. you don't have to declare it like you do w a firearm, just check it. people carry swords and whatnot in their checked baggage. you obviously want to have the knife roll inside another larger piece of locked luggage, so your nice knives don't get swiped.

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        tsa will open bags, and break non-tsa approved locks. buy special locks that tsa can open (but not others). i've seen these types of locks at various types of stores: hardware, travel, airport gift shops, etc.

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          If your knives are very valuable, consider buying a starter pistol or some other cheap pistol (ammo not necessary), putting it in your checked luggage, and declaring it. The TSA will slap a lock on your luggage AND track it every step of the way so you know you will be getting your tools, intact, at your final destination.

          1. re: Snackish

            Buying a gun legally is quite an investment time-wise to protect knives.

            As others suggested, just pack them in checked luggage, or send them to your final destination via FedEx, insured of course.

        2. Agree w/ the others - I almost always fly with a good knife in my checked luggage.

          1. Have you thought about shipping them home with UPS or some other international carrier? NOT by post office! Then insure them for twice their value. The advantage here, assuming you have family or friends who will recieve them for you, is that you don't have to worry about airline rules or national/international customs rules, or any of the other hassles that are part of air travel today. You will KNOW you will have your tools in your future. Good luck!

            1. Your probably safe flying out of the U.S., but I had a knife taken by TSA from my luggage upon arrival in Atlanta from Europe. I wondered why the NBC reporters covering the Torino Olympics that we met at lunch in Borolo, Italy laughed when we said we were returning through Atlanta.