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Jan 15, 2008 05:20 AM

Anniversary Dinner

My husband and I just booked a trip from Boston to Napa/San Francisco for our anniversary and I am looking for a restaurant recommendation for our anniversary night in San Francisco.

Looking for a nice/special/romantic restaurant with good food, but not outrageously priced - would like to keep it around $200 (with a decent bottle of wine), but would be willing to splurge if it's worth it!

I'm open to types of cuisine's, but would have to have some selection (i.e. not all seafood).

What are you favorites?

Also, are there any nice places you'd recommend for a drink before or after?

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  1. As for a drink location, the Cliff House has a nice bar that overlooks the ocean and prvoides a nice setting- not overly romantic but a great view and fun stylish decor-early 40s theme with many pixs of famous visitors.

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    1. re: Marymartha

      I don't think you have a view at night. It is just dark outside the windows, no lights, nothing to see,

    2. I recently had a celebratory dinner at Quince over the holidays and enjoyed it. There are some recent in depth threads on it if you use the search function. I also love A16 but some of the tables at both are close together.

      Tablehopper is a local restaurant newsletter and the writer offers an advice section where you can tell her specifically what you're looking for and she'll make suggestions.

      Enjoy your trip!

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        I love A16, too. But I don't know how 'romantic' it is... GREAT restaurant, though.

      2. My husband and I recently had a fantastic meal at Jardiniere. We've always loved the atmosphere and service there, but had been increasingly disappointed with the food, so a few years ago we stopped going. We gave it another chance recently and were thrilled to find that it seems to have bounced back. Haven't been there, post-remodel, so I can't vouch for the ambiance anymore. But it's worth looking into.

        300 Grove St., San Francisco, CA 94102

          1. Myth is the first restaurant that comes to mind.


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              Maybe not with the pending chef/sommelier change.

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                hmmm.. didn't know about that. In that case:

                Quince should be good... a little on the pricier side, though. Same goes for Ame and Boulevard, though I don't think of those as 'romantic' restaurants, per se.