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Jan 15, 2008 04:51 AM

Leng's Thai - Astoria - Broadway

Huzzah - I have nothing buy great things to say about Leng Thai on Broadway between 33rd and 34th street. Great service, gorgeous decor and wonderful food from beginning to end. The real measure of good thai for me is the pad thai (my chinese boyfriend mocks my whiteness whenever I order this) and Leng's did not disappoint. The boyfriend had the garlic shrimp which was good as was the coconut soup. Leng's is definitely more along the lines of Song and Joya (park slope, carrol gardens) then Sripraphai in woodside. It's a more turned out decor (with a really pretty backyard which will be great in summer) and more conscientious service (this dig isn't directed at Sripraphai but some of the subpar service at other astoria places, Locale and Cafe Bar take note!). I'm thrilled to have this new addition to the Nabe.

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  1. I happened to be in the area in December and noticed a Thai Restaurant under construction very close to Benjamas Taste of Thai at 34th & Broadway which opened last Spring. I'm wondering if Leng is the one that I noticed under construction. Is it very new? Anyway, I was planning on having lunch at Benjamas next week but may instead I may have lunch at Leng's. The Decor in Benjamas is also very upscale. Eventually, I'll visit both. If you're interested the website is Thanks for the review.

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      That was the one under construction. I've been to Benjamas several times and now that I've been to Leng's I will promply forget Benjamas. good luck!

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        I plan to visit Leng's next week for Lunch. I only do lunch when I visit Astoria. What's appealing about Benjamas is the $7 lunch which includes both salad & soup with a choice of white or brown rice (I prefer brown). They have 12 choices at $7 and one at $9 (Salmon Chu Chee Curry). One of the 12 choices is a Beef or Pork Noodle Soup (rice noodles in beef or pork stew). I've never seen this dish on a Thai menu. Again, thanks.

    2. I went last night with my girlfriend and another couple - superb! We had the roasted duck in red curry, the crispy duck with soy ginger tamarind, the chicken sauteed with cashew, onion, scallion and dried chili, and the Korean style beef. All but the beef were sensational, especially the crispy duck. The beef was good -- I would have been quite pleased with it from any of my (now former) regular Thai restaurants -- but it may have suffered in comparison to the rest as it wasn't a very spicy dish. Entrees were quite generous, and the service impeccable. The proprietress came by and spent a few minutes talking with us, and looked delighted to have us there. We'll be back, this week, if not next. Oh, it's byob, btw.

      1. Was considering Benjamas tonight but decided to try Leng's based on these reviews. Definite success. Had the Crispy Duck with Soy Tamarind glaze. Really delicious. Just took a quick look at the dining room. The decor is nice, much better than most places in the area. Staff seemed very friendly. When I don't feel like heading all the way out to Sripraphai I'll be heading here. Give em a try.

        1. i went about 2 weeks after they opened. i dont remmeebr any names but everyhting was good except for the mixed seafood w/ glass noodles thing. and by not good i mean it was decent tasting but the seafood was unrecognizable to me- so all i ate was the shrimp. i wanan go back. the rest of the food was really good and the decor is really nice

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            The decor is really nice and service pretty good. The food is not bad but i think thai pavillion better. Anyway i have to come back because of the decor and service

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              i agree decor is really nice but the food tends to be more like pan asian with Thai flare...but anyway it is still good..

              1. re: dyummy

                Has to be the best look Thai restaurant next to Planet Thai in WB. What a great looking place and the garden looks awesome. Ate there twice now and just loved it. Yes its more of a pan Asian thing but man thats good food. Now all we need is a Vietnamese place in Astoria.

          2. I'm sorry I have to respectfully disagree. Eating at Leng's was one of the worst dining experiences I've had in this city. The outdoor garden is beautiful but everything my boyfriend and I ate was unacceptable. The green papaya salad was the best at just mediocre but somehow didn't taste "right," and that's basic! The vegetarian fresh (not fried) roll was the worst with thin slices of carrot and green/yellow squash in a slimy wrapper without any hint of the advertised tamarind, instead some kind of mayonnaise (?!). Mixed seafood soup with noodles was also off, not even because of the seafood, which was undoubtedly frozen, but the broth was sickly sweet and not at all spicy, as again had been wrongly advertised. We actually called neighbors of ours to warn them off this place, my jaw dropped when I read these positive posts!