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Jan 15, 2008 12:48 AM

Fins Restaurant

hokay, so, i recently saw that Fins received the esteemed #1 rank in the indy's "best restaurants of 2007"... is it really that good?

i need to find somewhere to take my novio for his birthday and i don't want it to be "just okay" - he's not finicky, but he is very difficult to impress!


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  1. Do a search on the Board. You'll find many comments on Fins. And yes, many CHer's seem to feel that it is quite good.

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    1. re: rockycat

      The chef and the food are amazing. Service can be pretty bad at times but I find this to be true all over the triangle. Very few restaurants seem to be able to get the service and the food correct. The food at fins is some of the best in the Triangle

      1. re: micajack

        Yeah, but at those prices ($30/entree) they simply should not have the TERRIBLE service they have. Other nice, but cheaper places have great service. Betski's, Bloomsbury, Fraziers, come to mind. although there are others. I have never had bad service or mediocre food at any of those three, but I have at Fins and the price I paid for it makes it hard to swallow, so I have strucken it from my list.