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Jan 15, 2008 12:34 AM

who makes wild oats brand cheese?

As my Wild Oats store slowly becomes Whole Foods, I am desperately searching for the producer of Wild Oats brand cheeses. Whole Foods will no longer carry this cheese, the biggest mistake they've made thus far. Types like Monterey Jack and Colby are raw milk, rgbh-free, with a creamy texture and beautiful tang. Please help me find where I can find this cheese, or who makes it so I can contact them! Thank you.

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  1. Do you have any in the original wrapper or was your cheese cut and store-wrapped? If you have the original wrapper, there should be a "plant number" on their which will would tell you where it is made. Also, how much did it cost. With those two pieces of info I may be able to answer your question. My serious hunch is that it originates from Vermont.

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      I'll check the label and post the number when I can get to my fridge, - thank you!! It does say something like "handcrafted in Wisconsin for Wild Oats Markets."

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        Not sure if this is the correct info, but here goes: 05027-01 Jack (this is jack cheese). The only other info on the label is the sku, which btw, repeats 05027 (and begins with 80991). It reads "made for and distributed by Wild Oats Market, Inc., Boulder, CO. The front of the label has the Wisconsin Cheese logo, with the arm holding a chunk of cheese. Cost was somewhere around $4-$4.99 for 8 oz. Sorry this was so long in coming - thank you!

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          Found it, thanks to a lead on another board. Cedar Grove Cheese, who sold it to a packager, who sold it to Wild Oats. Available via mail order and some stores. 800-200-6020 or Thanks for your efforts!