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Jan 15, 2008 12:13 AM

Looking For A Slice Of Pie

I love a nice slice of pie - apple, banana, boysenberry, cherry, etc. Who has the best? Anywhere in L.A. is fine.

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  1. i've never had them myself, but word on the street is that babalu in santa monica does some serious pies.

    1002 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

    1. I'm sure you'll get many suggestions for Bake N Broil and I would agree with them. They've got lots of choices, but for apple pie I actually really like Langer's. And I don't even like apple pie that much!

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      1. re: baloney

        I can't believe I've never tried their apple pie, and I go to Langer's all the time. I think the main reason, though, is that I stuff myself on their sandwiches and large fries. I will have to try the pie. I'll cut out the fries. Thanks for the rec.

      2. For banana cream, go to the Apple Pan. Forget their apple pie, however, it suckks.

        For apple, believe it or not, I like Mel's Drive in. People keep telling me about Pie N Burger, but my husband is afraid to take me. I prefer dutch apple, so I go for the cumb topping. In desperation of finding a fabulous dutch apple pie, I leaned to make my own.

        For Pumpkin-Costco. No kidding, Costco.

        If you can, try Pie N Burger.

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          1. re: wutzizname

            When in the mood, I can eat a LOT of pie. Sometimes, if presented with too many choices, I "sample" as many as I can. He says it is truly an awesome and terrific sight, in the old senses of the words (Awesome form the same root as aweful, terrific in the old sense, to inspire terror, for the same rot as terrible.)

            1. re: Diana

              I'm glad you answered that question, Diana! I thought you might be afraid of the marauding gangs of Cal Tech physics students often seen in front of the Pie N Burger. They're actually quite nice. Just don't say anything stupid about quantum mechanics in casual conversation, and you'll be OK.

              P.S. The meringue pies at PNB are also nice.

              Pie 'n Burger
              913 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106

          2. re: Diana

            Diana, I love Dutch Apple too. Haven't tried it at Mel's, though. Almost bought the Costco Pumpkin during the Holidays, but I'm the only one in the my family who wanted it. I hope you get to Pie N' Burger soon.

            1. re: Diana

              I love Pie N Burger. But I can never eat a meal there and have room for pie. I have to get one or the other.

              I suggest the Lemon Meringue. It is my favorite!

              1. re: Diana

                Agree on the banana cream at Apple Pan. You know what else is good there is the blackberry (or it might be boysenberry...something-berry) cream pie. Similar custard/whipped cream makeup as banana, just berries instead.

                Also, pumpkin at Urth is good.

              2. Not quite LA but close is the chain, Polly's Pies. The pies are baked on site daily so the crust is always good. They have great berry pies in season, and have banana strawberry (banaberry) all year long.


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                1. re: mlgb

                  I love Hof's Hut's banana cream pie from the whipped cream down to the crust. I never try any other fruit because I LOVE banana cream.

                  1. re: mlgb

                    Isn't there a Polly's Pies in Santa Monica on Wilshire Blvd? Maybe I imagined it. If so, that would be close enough even though I live in the San Fernando Valley. Thanks.

                    1. re: omakase

                      Polly's in Santa Monica has been replaced by Panera Breads.

                  2. Hands down in Pie N Burger. I grew up around there and have been going for 20 years or so. Every flavor is awesome and fresh. Don't be afraid of their "diner decor". It is clean and yummy! My favorites are the Peanut Butter and Coconut Cream.

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                    1. re: claudiamcd

                      I had the boysenberry pie at Pie N Burger and aboslutely loved it, and the burgers are well worth trying too.