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Jun 25, 2001 04:43 PM

really good Dan Dan Noodles and other chinese noodle dishes...

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Someone took me to a noodle place in the LA area -- near Arcadia/Monterey Park area -- which was very cheap, simple, one room place packed with people inside and outside waiting for tables. It had the best Dan Dan Mein and Sesame Noodles I have ever had! They only served noodles, maybe 5 different kinds, plus some cold dishes. Does anyone know the name?? I can't remember and I am dying to go back! Or just recommendations for the best Chinese noodle joint will do too! Thanks.

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  1. The area you mentioned is my stomping ground. Sorry to say that there are more small noodle shops than you can imagine due to the high population of Oriental people in the area. You are most likely going to have to ask that "someone" you mentioned where they took you.

    I'm a noodle freak myself, and enjoy both Japanese and
    Chinese noodle dishes, especially gozoya (Kuo'Ti'eh)along with a bowl of Hot and Sour soup.

    If you find out where you were, let us know.----Good Luck.

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      You're so right. Looking for an unnamed Chinese noodle restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley is like looking for a pasta restaurant in Little Italy. For example, on a three-quarter mile stretch of Garvey Ave. in Monterey Park alone I can think of the following places with good noodles, and this doesn't even count any of the Chinese seafood restaurants which also serve noodles.

      Har Lam Kee, 150 E. Garvey
      Heavy Noodling, 153 E. Garvey
      Hong Kong Cafe, 163 W. Garvey
      MPV Express, 429 W. Garvey
      Noodle Cafe, 441 W. Garvey
      Sam Woo 634 W. Garvey
      Monterey Park BBQ, 639 W. Garvey
      Mandarin Noodle House, 701 W. Garvey, MP
      Luk Yue, 735 W. Garvey, MP

      1. re: Chandavkl

        Can we try to work through and annotate some of these places? You've taken time to list a bunch, which is a good start, and the LA hounds could probably, within a day or two, give an assessment, a recco dish, a rumor or two about every single one of them.

        We have a quorum here, let's use it! No cluster of restaurants is so intimidating and tangly that we can't methodically account for them all and find the best bets.


        1. re: Jim Leff

          The problem is that this stretch of Garvey isn't exactly unique in the San Gabriel valley. I could have kept on going east on Garvey through Rosemead and South El Monte for more noodle places, or done the same thing along Valley Blvd. starting in Alhambra, into San Gabriel, Rosemead and El Monte, not to mention the north/south streets, Arcadia or Rowland Heights.