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Jan 14, 2008 11:39 PM

What do you like at Culver City Farmers' Market?

Referring to both food and produce vendors. Here's my own experiences:

For prepared food, the tamales are my favorite, even in such admittedly inauthentic incarnations as smoked salmon and cream cheese. The sausage guy is also great, but they're not cheap. Roasted corn isn't bad. The Korean stand was disappointing, and the Peruvian was just OK. Anyone try the Hawaiian BBQ chicken?

For produce vendors, I like the stall with the bagged lettuce—it's super fresh and keeps a long time in the fridge. The heirloom tomato vendor is excellent too (her regular tomatoes are also good). The fruit place on the far North side (near Venice) has nice grapefruits and the vendor across from him, terrific unwaxed Fuji apples.

The fish truck always has a line. I'm a little leery about buying fish off a truck, but the guy seems pretty meticulous about his product, which is always well iced. I bought some snapper from him once; it was OK, but he rounded the weight up generously and somewhat overcharged me. Haven't been back.

I often shop there on Tuesdays and just walk over to Trader Joe's for what the market doesn't have—a nice alternative to supermarket shopping. Just wish the food vendors were open a little earlier than 2 pm so I could hit them for lunch. My guess is the local restaurants fought that tooth and nail:)

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  1. fish guy is pete siracusa. he's terrific, though not quite the bargain he was 10 years ago. he's one of the few guys who sells a lot of locally caught (meaning SF and south) fish. i've been buying from him for years and if you take his advice on what's good, you'll eat well. the cheese guy is good, too. For produce, Bernard Ranches has great citrus ... check out their oroblancos. Valdivia and Suncoast (or whatever they're called these days) are good, too. In a month or two, Zuckerman's will start with their giant asparagus. terrific.

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      Second the comment on Pete. Still great quality for the price, but not as well priced as 6-7 years ago. He usually has at least a dozen types of fish and selection depends on availability of quality fish. He'll have some shellfish sometimes too, but he's focused on salt water fin fish.