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Jan 14, 2008 09:47 PM

Latin/Hispanic Groceries in Manhattan/Harlem?

Hi all,

I am in search of a grocery store that would carry Yerba Mate as well as accessories for enjoying it. I want a big selection of real south american mate brands, not just the Guayaki organic stuff. Brands that are huge in South America are Rosamonte and Cruz de Malta, and I would expect to find them somewhere local with all the transplants!

I'm also trying to find the Bombilla (the filter straw used to drink it).

I figure there must be some larger supermarkets or stores up in Harlem that would carry these items. Even better if it can be found in south of harlem, since I live on the UWS and work downtown.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Should have searched before I posted, but i found this great listing in queens to check out:

    Please let me know if you know of any in the city though!

    1. I've spent a little bit of time in that neighborhood hunting for ingredients, and not seen anything. But I actually think Zabar's might have the accessories on the second floor. Might want to try calling there, first.

      Hopefully Rose Water or someone who lives in the vicinity will see this and be able to offer better guidance.

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        wish i had specifics to offer, but i don't. there are lots of small shops on 116th between lexington and 2nd avenue where you might have some luck. if nothing else, it's a great area to explore (i haven't nearly enough) and getting a bite to eat at taco mix will make the adventure worth your while.

        i don't think the harlem fairway will be much use in this regard.

        1. re: rose water

          Just go to Queens, you'll be able to find Rosamonte, Cruz de Malta, Amanda, Nobleza gaucha... and the mate and bombilla also. Prices will not be like in Argentina or Uruguay (if you have someone who travels frequently i will suggest to wait and make a homemade mate+bombilla until then) but they wont be as expensive as Manhattan's either.

          1. re: LRS

            Thank you very much everyone. I will definitely check out Queens this weekend. Its always an adventure to explore the other boros. I will check those places suggested out. Rosewater, do you have a suggestion of a specific place/area in Queens as well? You sound like you know your stuff!

            1. re: Olav23

              In Queens you could go to several groceries either in Corona or Astoria to get the good yerba brands, but if all you want is Cruz de Malta (personally don't like it) there is a grocery in Manhattan (on Amsterdam and 90 street) that carries it.