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Jan 14, 2008 09:36 PM

Mochi in Tucson?

I'm from Scottsdale but go to school in Tucson, and lately I've been frequenting Ice Tango (in Scottsdale) for yogurt with mochi topping while I've been home on break. Outside of this, the only other place I've seen mochi as a topping was at Pinkberry in LA. I know that Tucson doesn't have any "tart" yogurt places (we just have the traditional America's Yogurt and Penguins that I'm aware of), but does anyone know where I can find the mochi topping? It doesn't have to be shaped into small pieces like at yogurt places, but I'm craving that pillowy-chewy texture that I've only experienced at yogurt shops. Thanks in advance for any responses!

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  1. Hi Jess321,

    I just so happened to spot some mochi at the Trader Joe's on Campbell and River. Also, I would think that the 17th Street Market would carry it, and the Asian Market at the corner of 1st Ave and Grant might carry it as well.

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      1. Tart yogurt is coming to Tucson! Yesterday I drove past a new place called Cold Snap Frozen Yogurt, on 1st Avenue (Euclid) near Limberlost. I stopped in and the owner said they're opening on Friday, Nov. 14.

        According to their website ( they don't have mochi as a topping, but you could probably lobby them for it.

        Cold Snap Frozen Yogurt
        Tucson, AZ, Tucson, AZ

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          ColdSnap now has MOCHI!!!! My friends and I stopped by their grand opening on Wednesday, November 26th and the place was SO AWESOME!! the decor is so cool and its such a good place to hang out! i ordered the medium tart yogurt with Mochi, Mangoes and Strawberries and have since become addicted to it! Cant wait to go back again!

          1. re: carmen_

            i WENT THERE THE OTHER DAY AND PAID ALMOST $6 DOLLARS FOR A MEDIUM! That's crazy! They only offer four flavors, and two of those are chocolate and vanilla!

            1. re: sirdavid

              $6 for a medium isn't outrageous: PinkBerry charges $2.75 for a small but they FORCED me to pay $3.00 for two toppings (ordering just one was not allowed) so it's almost $6 for a small.

              Besides, Cold Snap was much more generous with their serving sizes and the mochi topping than PinkBerry. (BTW: This was Cold Snap in Tucson and PinkBerry in Santana Row San Jose.)

          2. re: heartsutra

            I'm not much for Mochi, but I know Penguins on Campbell are going to have it as a regular topping starting on December 7th. Hope that helps.

            1. re: sirdavid

              OMG 6$ NO WAY??? hahahaha cold snap is awesome my friend they definitely have the best yogurt in tucson hands down. Did you even try the tart flavor? Penguins yogurt is terrible its watery and gross. You may save a couple bucks at penguins but you can also save a couple bucks eating dinner at Mcdonalds too if you dont care about taste or quality.