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Jan 14, 2008 09:21 PM

All night dining South of Boston

Hey all- imagine yourself around the Quincy, Braintree, Hingham, Weymouth, Milton area (alright, you get the idea). You need something that's open 24 hours- good diner food. You're perplexed why all the normal chains you've come to love from back home (IHOP, Denny's, etc.) are vacant- absent, gone. (At least the 24 hour variety). You are desperate.


And please- no Boston suggestions- I know that area plenty. I long so dearly for a neighborhood diner/truck stop/ham and eggs slinger around here. ANYONE??

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  1. BigBrother, I take it from your use of the phrase "back home" that you are not from this area, so I'm going to bore you with a little history . . . 24 hour food is not vacant, absent or gone from this area. It was never here. Ever. Boston was settled by the 17th century religious right, and we've never fully recovered. I'll be watching this thread, and will be truly surprised if there's ONE place of your description on the south shore. Happy, but surprised. I've given up on good diners in this state. There's a great one in Berlin, CT, but that's probably a bit too south, right? Best of luck.

    1. Nothing I can think of. Victoria's Diner is south of downtown Boston and is open all night on weekends, but it's a few minutes north of the area you mention (in Roxbury).

      1. This is NOT a Boston suggestion, since you didn't want I'm NOT going to tell you about the Boston Diner / Blue Diner / South Street Diner in the Leather District of Boston that is open 24 hours. That way I *wouldn't* be pointing out that there is a 24 destination in Boston after all.

        Didn't there used to be a Bickfords on Rte 3 in the Quincy area? This isn't exactly what you're looking for either, probably. Sorry I wasn't any help, but I've lived in Boston over a dozen years and I am also perplexed at the lack of all night places.

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        1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

          The Braintree Bickford's closed down last year.

          1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

            South Street Diner is only open 24 hours over the weekend last I checked.

            1. re: bachslunch

              Their website claims.. "Today, South Street Diner is Boston's only all-night dining destination seven-nights-a-week" But we've all seen restaurant websites that weren't updated regularly, so I don't know for sure. I haven't been there in over a year.

          2. Hi,

            The IHOP in Quincy was open 24/7 until last year. The city made it close down at midnight after a rash of late night police calls for drunken fights, people running out on their tabs, and general rowdyness.

            As another example, Bova's bakery in the North End used to be one of my favorite 24/7 haunts for their great sicilian pizzas and calzones. But sometime last year, they too decided not to offer regular food after midnight, due to complaints from neighbors about rowdyness and drunks.

            For whatever reason, the only people who seem to frequent the 24 hour places around here, are the people kicked out of the bars at 2am. All of the hard working night-shift workers (police, hospital, etc.), they don't seem to be able to support a 24 hour restaurant.

            So, I'm sorry to say that if you want food around the South Shore after midnight, go to the Wendy's or McDonald's drive through...that's the only thing open.

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            1. re: mwk

              Whoa I didn't know that about Bova's (and their website also claims it's still open 24/7).

              A few years back I signed their petition to stay open 24 hrs (when the city tried to close them down overnight). At the time, they won their battle, and now after all that they've relented and closed overnight? My how times have changed.

              1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston


                You misunderstood me. Bova's is still open 24/7. However, they don't offer the pizzas and calzones after midnight. The last time I went, they just had some cookies and bread available. So, it's no longer a good late-night food destination.

                1. re: mwk

                  Ah I see. thanks. Still a little bit puzzling of a situation though..I guess the neighbors are okay with drunk people buying cookies and bread, but not pizza.

                  1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

                    I think that many of the drunks don't go anymore, because they were also after the "real" food, and not the other stuff. Just like I'm not going there anymore...(although I wasn't ever drunk, I usually hit the place after a night out at a club). So if they wanted to cut back the late night crowd, I'm sure that worked well.

            2. Restraining an intense desire to curse this place out from here to kingdom come :) Still hopeful someone, somewhere, has a suggestion....