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need catering company for wedding for multi-cultural wedding (korean/irish/italian), local/seasonal

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My fiance and I are getting married in Chicago, my hometown. He's Irish/Italian from Boston, I am Korean American. We met and lived in New Orleans for several years and now live in NYC. Having lived out of Chicago for so many years (and never planned a wedding before!), I don't know what my options for catering and bakeries are for what I would want.

I'd prefer to keep it seasonal and as locally-sourced as possible. Therefore, the idea is a thoughtful, interesting and surprising menu. I've found one company Sunday Dinner that looks great but would love some more options.

The hope is to incorporate Korean ingredients and methods into it as well though. Ya know, kimchi, kalbi marinade, etc. Gotta keep all the guests happy!

I appreciate any help!

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