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Jan 14, 2008 08:23 PM

New Steak Place in Encino

I've passed several times by a new steak restaurant in Encino that has taken over the old Tempo location, but cannot remember the name (and cannot find it on the web). Has anyone tried this place? I need a place to take my parents for dinner on Tuesday night for a celebratory dinner, would like to go someplace nice, and thought steak would be a good idea.

If not, I would love some suggestions for where to take them in the Encino area. Ideally, I would like to go someplace relatively new. Max is the logical choice for upscale, and I think it is the best upscale restaurant in the SFV, but we have been several times and I would like to take them someplace different.

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  1. Jwsel, it is called Bocca Steakhouse/Lounge! The operative word here is the addition of the word "lounge". As in, we really want to sell booze, yet will also serve food as it is required of our liquor license. Gil Dayan is one of the principals here. Think they kept the same phone number as Tempo though.
    Might try Charlie G's in Tarzana for steaks or the Valley Inn on Sherman Oaks Avenue as localish alternatives, although neither compares to Max and I am sure you realize that.
    Ate recently for the first time at Delmonico's, and it was all right, and the private booths made it a place to actually have a conversation with your companions without having to shout or listed to three nearby conversations concurrently.

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      Bocca is a kosher steakhouse from the La Gondola people. I have yet to eat there, and have no iea how it is. There has been a little, very little, talk of it on the kosher board. As far as steaks are concerned, no reason not to go kosher. As far as sides and other entres, it may be a little limiting for those not into kosher food, as there will be no dairy products of any kind served.

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        La Gondola onyl opened up Bocca and is not connected with Bocca Since Last January. Thank You.

      2. re: carter

        I love Valley Inn. Pretty good food in a very old-fashioned steak house kitche environment. Great cheesecake they make there, too!

        1. re: Diana

          Have to respectfully disagree on Valley Inn. Went once, felt like it was a wedding reception banquet hall full of 80-90 year olds. Martinis were tiny, onion rings come in a big greasy "loaf" (ala Tony Roma's), steaks were ok. I'll take Monty's any day.....better food, better drinks, better atmosphere.

          1. re: markn

            I have to say that the Valley Inn seemed really on a downhill slide when we were there about 6 months ago. Went as part of a nostalgia kick and came away sadly disapointed by the food and atmosphere.

            1. re: markn

              Heey, I rarely get to et big greasy onion loaves, so the rare one is a treat! :)

              I have to say, it was full of the very mature set when I went there too, and the decor is way "steakhouse in quotation marks". But I LOVED my food, the waitress was amazing, and the cheesecake was faboo.

              Wacky wine policy, I remember, though.

              1. re: Diana

                Yes, her wine policy does NOT permit any French wine to be brought in even if you want to pay $25 corkage - not permitted at any price!
                And her list is questionable at best, so martinis are an alternative here, or California, Argentina, etc. wines brought in.

        2. Thanks for all the responses. Bocca sounds pretty bad, especially from the detailed review on the Kosher board I read. I decided to fight traffic a bit and try the new Arnie Morton's in Woodland Hills.

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          1. re: Jwsel

            Good choice!

            I was looking forward to going there for lunch and trying their burger that everyone raves about, but from the website it looks like the Woodland Hills location isn't open for lunch. :-(

            1. re: Jwsel

              Give us a review after you've been there

              1. re: Jwsel

                That's 1 review, I think, and they haven't been open very long at all. Maybe it's too early to take the folks, but not ready yet to be written off. Allow them their shake-down period, and maybe they'll be surprisingly good.

              2. The original comment has been removed