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Jan 14, 2008 08:21 PM

Chinese sausage in Miami?

Anyone know where I can get some Chinese sausage in the Greater Miami area. Id prefer somewhere close the to Grove if possible. Thanks in advance!

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  1. The closest to you that I know of would be at Lucky Market on Bird and 82nd Avenue. Not far from Tropical and in the same stripper as Kon Chau.

    1. Highly underutilized ingredient. I recall seeing several varieties at the Asian market next door to Bamboo Garden and Jumbo on 163rd Street.

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        I remember seeing it on 163rd St also, but at another Chinese market.

        But you could check out Lucky Mart, or the second closest Chinese market, TK Mart (on SW 8th St, west of the Palmetto). I would call first just in case.

      2. You can also get it at the PK oriental market which is on Sunset Drive and 92nd Ave. Also keep in mind that Chinese Sausage freezes really well, so one trip and you can get a good supply

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          Good suggestion. In fact, I happen to like PK more than Lucky and distance from Grove isn't much more. They also have some good bbq pork, roast pork, roasted chicken and chinese style duck available around lunch hour (sometimes run out early especially on weekends)

        2. Thanks for the responses everyone. Im surprised that you cant buy these at a regular butcher shop. Back in Boston I get these sausages from an Italian guy who sells the best fresh Italian sausage but also realizes that Chinese sausage kicks ass. Come to think of it, the only butcher shop I know of is Laurenzo's... Any near the Grove worth going to?

          1. Never had Chinese sausage, though I've seen it. How's it served up and what does it compare to; chorizos, Italian, German. . .?

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              Its very sweet and very addicting. Kind of like pork sausage with "ah-so" sauce mixed up with it. Thats what comes to mind without knowing exactly what the ingredients are. I just like to eat them, especially with some grill char on them. Mmmmm...grill char...

              1. re: Blind Mind

                I've most typically seen it used as a component of a dim sum item, sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf. Also occasionally seen wrapped in pastry like a pig in a blanket. Would make a good addition to a fried rice, probably would also be good with some greens like stir fried broccoli or swiss chard or the like.

                Like most sausages, probably best not to know what's in it. They definitely have a sweet, spicy taste - but the spice is more 5-spice and not overtly peppery/paprika spice like a chorizo. Usually pretty firm-textured like a dry salami.

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                  They have at least two types that I know of, one is labeled sweet, the other is not. Have seen it used in fried rice back on the west coast before.