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Jan 14, 2008 07:37 PM

Ottawa Restaurant Recommendations?

Im visiting Ottawa for the first time during winterlude and I'm looking for a restaurant with good quality food that is not over priced and has a good wine menu. I have no preference for cuisine style but since it is my first visit to the nation's capital something 'canadian' would be nice. Another option would be to make reservations with one of the restaurants offered in the 'taste of winterlude' that has a prix fixe menu. I will be traveling with a friend and we are in our mid-20's... does anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. Hey Riesling,

    I really enjoy Cafe Spiga . . . It's a little Portugues/Italian place that has some great fish, meats and some great pastas . . . Their wine list is also decent . . . I tend to get the prix fixe which is of great value . . . I've had the salt cod and the veal and have also had the grilled sardines which were perfectly done . . . The last time we were there the rack of lamb looked fantastc!! . . . Here is the link...


    1. I forgot to mention . . . If you are looking for a great little pub with good food and great beers . . . check out The Manx Pub on Elgin (370 Elgin)


      1. When I was in Ottawa during the summer, I wanted to try Sweetgrass. In the end, I could not convince my travelling companions to join me so I had to do something else instead.

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          I, too, have really wanted to try Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro for some time, having heard nothing but stellar reviews of it. I highly recommend anyone going to Ottawa with an interest or curiosity in wild game try it out.

        2. Thought you might find this of interest -- Ottawa restaurant critic Anne DesBrisay summed up her picks of 2007 here -

          Edited to add, you can access her 2008 Ottawa dining guide at the in pdf format -

          1. If it's in your budget, I'd say Domus or Juniper.